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Back in the Doldrums

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The title this week refers to my general attitude about pre-production. I’m the worst at it. Episode progress always grinds to a virtual standstill every time pre-production rolls around. I just don’t want to do it. I don’t want to tally script locations, props, or potential advertising tie-ins (which we’ve done none of so far, so what’s the point). I don’t want to call people and try and convince them to let me film on their property when there’s effectively nothing in it for them but a headache. I want to shot list, but can’t convince myself it’s a good use of my time until the other location, prop-ish, casting stuff is out of the way, so I procrastinate in any way I can possibly think of. I actually did the dishes last night WITHOUT bitching about how we don’t have a dishwasher. I wanted it to take up as much time as possible. I find myself more motivated to go out and take a jog to try and get in shape for the coming episode knowing full well that I’m pushing the shoot further away by using jogging as a pre-pro’ procrastination technique. Pre-production is the homework of filmmaking. It’s as close as I get these days to the whiny, “I-don’t-wanna” attitude that I created and successfully embodied during my late-90s, look-how-cool-I-can-make-apathy-look, high school phase.

In other news, right now, as we’re getting down to the wire on needing to buy a camera for production, Canon announces that they’re going to make an industry-altering announcement/unveiling on Thursday of this week. Okay. I guess any decisions we were about to make get pushed back a couple more days. Odds are good that whatever they’re unveiling is going to be out of our price range, but there’s no use buying anything until they cut that ribbon.

I realize that blog entries like this have to be a little frustrating to read for some people. There’s always an element of “Oh, poor thing. He hates planning for his successful web series. He can have his thousands of audience members dry his tears with their glowing comments.” I hear you, theoretical blog-reader. I read this stuff and feel that same way about myself. Obviously. I mean, I’m having a hypothetical conversation here on this public forum with the little internet critic inside my own brain.

Then you’ve got a guy like Joss who uses his free time while directing the biggest summer action movie of next year to shoot a tiny independent version of Much Ado About Nothing with his stable of favorite actors. That’s a guy who just goes and goes.

On the other hand, I also promised myself I’d be honest here. That I’d use it to look back after all was said and done to remember how the whole experience felt. No use doing that if I’m holding back, so…


Thanks for reading, guys.

Jarvi out.


ep3 begins shooting

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tonight we start shooting Hypothesis the 3rd–Transition. everybody’s all geared up to activate the squadron after WAY too many months of downtime. we have seven production days scheduled throughout february, so hopefully we’ll be able to whip through this and get into editing as quickly as possible. we’ve also raised the bar in terms of resolution. from here on out, barring any unforeseen circumstances, we’re shooting with the canon hv 40. exciting times, exciting times.

i had originally scheduled the first night of shooting for last night, but–LOST season six premiere. had to reschedule. needless to say, none of our other shoots for episode 3 are scheduled for tuesday nights. can you believe what went on? LOST SPOILER ALERT!!! dual timeline?!!! love it. love. it.

tonight we’re shooting in the squadron’s sanctum, all four principles and a returning guest star. i plan to check in all throughout the process updating this now. Platoon of Power Squadron activate!

for the ease of everyone involved, here’s a link back to our Youtube profile page–>

Ep2 Production Wraps

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Finally! It’s been 6 long months but we finished shooting all of the scenes, locations, and new characters for Episode 2 yesterday at Darktower Comics in Chicago. We’ve had so many enthusiastic volunteers help us along the way. It’s been so encouraging. Now all that’s left to do is edit it, score it, add sound effects, color correct it, and add all the visual effects. But I anticipate having a trailer for the episode up sometime this week. In other news, Thursday night this week at 10pm, the pilot episode is going to air on Chicago’s Image Union on WTTW. It’s an absolute thrill and it’s all thanks to the badass networking skills of our producer Tim Ferrin. So be sure to check it out! More updates soon. WTTW11, Chicago’s PBS station will air the pilot episode of “Platoon of Power Squadron” on Image Union: superHeroes Thursday November 12th @ 10pm on wttw11 (repeats sat Nov 14th @10pm on wttwPrime and sun Nov 15th @ 1am on wttw11) Check your service provider’s local listings for details.