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Pretty Little Post-Pros

Posted in Hypothesis the 6th on November 28, 2012 by PoPS blog

A day after Leo gave us that look at how he blew up the building at the end of Ep6, a video went up outlining the post production process on The Hobbit, which you can see here:

As you can see, our processes are exactly the same. My irony here might be slightly masked by the inability of the written word to convey my wry eyebrow raise. But really, when you take away their massive staff of people, all of the specialists, the gobs of money, the beautiful facilities, it would still just be some people sitting in front of computers making fake things seem more real. In that way, what we do is the same. However, Leo had to start throwing out detail and geometry to get his computer to render the building explosion, my foley room consists of repurposing a library of pre-recorded sound effects, and instead of a series of perfectly controlled environments with enormous mixing boards full of programmable sliders for mixing and coloring I have one wireless mouse and the standard Mac half-keyboard. I haven’t even sprung for the regulation size keyboard with the numeric keypad, that’s the kind of low rent op’ we’re running around here. Determination over manpower and money, the DIY credo. I dream of one day sitting in while specialists correct and mix my project. That would be amazing.

I’ve come to the realization that I oversaturated the whole of episode six. The blacks are too low and I over-boosted saturation. I think since we shot flat, I was worried about not bringing it up enough and I overcompensated. I should have left it mildly undersaturated or at least pulled a lot of the reds out. But you live and learn, right? Especially when you’re DIY’ing. And the oranges on that explosion! Yikes. Don’t even get me started.

Still working on non-PoPS stuff. There should be at least a couple more updates of people other than me talking about their show processes during 6.



PoPS video update 142-Leo Blows Up Everything

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No Progress

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Man, it feels weird to not be working on the show. I spent last weekend working on one of the non-PoPS projects that I need to complete. It’s a tour of a private antique and furniture collection that I have 14 hour-long tapes of raw footage for. I edited for about 18 to 20 hours on it this weekend and I’ve made it through about 5 of the tapes. Not too shabby. So far I have around an hour of the project completed and color corrected. Just goes to show. I can edit about 45 minutes of video in a long weekend if there are no viz FX with which to concern myself. How different my life might have been had I chosen a show not about super powers. Speaking of, man, is the super power sub-genre of internet entertainment just over saturated, or what? And it’s all ridiculous looking, cheap-ass costume camp. No wonder it’s so hard to get people to watch my show. They’ve seen enough lame internet super heroes to last a lifetime.

Anyway, about the title of the post. It has felt so very weird to not be working on PoPS. I have all the raw footage for Ep7 and I’m ridiculously excited about seeing it start coming together, but I need to get these projects done first. I know. I’ve been talking about this ad nauseam, but have I mentioned my bitter personal distaste for people who say they’ll do something and then they don’t do it? It’s one of my bigger pet peeves. And for about a year I’ve been that person because of these two projects. This is the palate cleanser I need to fully focus on the show for the four remaining episodes. No more side projects after this. Not until I’m done with PoPS. But the very act of not working on PoPS has felt very disorienting. I didn’t realize how much of an anchor point it had become for me. It’s like someone turned off my gravity. Now I’m just floating in the middle of the room, unable to push myself forward.

In other news, I think we’re having pizza for dinner and we just got the ’88 version of The Blob from Netflix. Yes!!!

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PoPS video update 141-The Eliza Hatch

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YouTube Fears

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The big topic this week that’s swept the YouTube communities I follow is fear. This British dude named Ali, who vlogs under the username RogueBluejay, made a short vlog called I’m Scared, in which he listed a whole bunch of his fears and then asked the commenters to say what they were afraid of. A day or two later, the most subscribed to dude in all of the UK, Charlie McDonnell, goes by the handle CharlieIsSoCoolLike, also made a video called I’m Scared. Charlie didn’t say anything about Ali’s video, so he probably hadn’t seen it–the YouTube community is very good about mentioning if they’re riffing off someone else’s video. So the fact that these two British guys made “I’m Scared” videos within a couple days of each other seems pretty indicative of a larger problem, but I’m not here to talk about that. Ali’s video was about fear in general. Charlie’s video was about his YouTube fears, specifically, that he had gotten to a point where he was so afraid of what his 1,690,000 subscribers–you read that right, very subbed dude–would think of his next short film that he was completely incapacitated and unable to do any work on the script whatsoever. So he vlogged about it. He said that he hoped by vlogging about it he could get passed it and I guess time will tell. The thesis statement of the whole video came down to the very basic human desire to be liked. The outpouring of support was substantial. People talked about their own fears and desire for acceptance, the told him what an inspiration he was to them, and that they always looked forward to his videos. Gagillions of comments and video responses. It was great.

The whole thing made me think about my own concerns about YouTube. I follow one of the very basic rules of YouTube. Upload regularly. Every Sunday I have something on my channel. Usually they’re the updates, which are the most YouTube’y thing on my channel. The webseries is what I pour my care and attention into, but every week I throw something together to let people know we’re still around during the months that pass between episodes. My YouTube fear has nothing to do with output. I’m not incapacitated by people’s expectations. I like the episodes enough that I’m confident that there will be others who enjoy them too. I was convinced that the updates were a necessary evil to keep the show alive while the episodes brewed, and I put them up no matter how many people tell me they hate them and that they’re stupid. 2,000’ish people still show up for them every week and it doesn’t seem to be hurting my subscribership too badly, so I keep doing it. Content hits my channel regardless, not scared of putting anything out there. My YouTube fear is that I’m not positioning the show correctly. That the format I have turning the episodes into playlists and listing them on my main page is too confusing to maneuver. I worry that many people don’t want to check out another superhero web show, no matter how different our approach is. I’m nervous that while I dedicate myself to finishing the remaining four episodes, my window of opportunity for making an industry calling card of a short film is dissipating. That no one wants to dive into such a long viewing experience when the first couple episodes are such poor quality. That me and my cast and crew could make a much bigger splash with a independent 15-minute long story that you didn’t need to sit through a 7-minute long previously-on to understand without feeling lost. But I love PoPS. I love what it’s brought us, I love that people love it, and I want to do it justice before I move on to the next thing.

Anyway. Those are my personal YouTube fears. Here’s something awesome from Vimeo for fans of the flick Rear Window:

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PoPS video update 140-Non-show PoPS work

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On Spoilers

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Right after PoPS episode 5 went up, my D.P./VFX-guru/ friend Ryan asked if I’d put together a sizzle reel for the show that he could show around. I did so, with the added benefit of creating an intro/episode menu for the YouTube homepage. In the span of a minute it showed off quite a few of our hero moments VFX-wise, the show’s unique take on a sci-fi staple, and ended in an interactive menu where the viewer could click on the screen to be taken to an episode. I left it up on the homepage as essentially a PoPS portal. When it had been up for awhile though, my friend Suede (also plays Damon on the show and writes some of the music) said that even though it showed our talent for effects, it didn’t convey any of the comedic tone, it just looked like any other super hero show. Though I didn’t want to hear it at the time and I didn’t do anything about it, that seeped into my mind and I addressed it in the new PoPS homepage portal, featuring a lot of the cool VFX shots from episode 6. Even though it’s very effects heavy, it shows more of the characters approach to their powers and the overall tone of the show. I’m much happier with it.

And yet… Now I’m getting a lot of people coming at me saying it has way too many spoilers in it. And they’re not wrong. It reveals a lot. Mythologies only newly revealed in episode 6 are revealed right in this 77-second sizzle reel. Powers-centric reveals that took episodes to unveil are introduced immediately. I’m fine with it. And I HATE spoilers. I don’t consider them spoilers because the episodes are out there for people to watch. If I’d released this video before the release of Ep6, that would have been a spoilers betrayal. But I waited. And now I have a kick ass Intro to PoPS video that might make some people give the show a second glance. I think it all comes down to the fact that I called it An Intro to PoPS in 77 seconds. It may have too much info for an intro. But I still don’t think it’s spoilers. Here it is:

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PoPS video update 139-Long Overdue Projects

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