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PoPS video update 3

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so close…so close…

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last night we shot in Bridie’s McKenna’s in Highwood, IL. it’s a Irish pub environment with a a lot of drink choices and some REALLY good food. they were so unbelievably nice to us.

when shooting in a live location, i go insane. and not the definition from a couple posts ago. i get so stressed out when i think about the level of inconvenience that we might be causing people. but one of my biggest pet peeves with no-budget filmmaking is that when the characters are in public, there’s friggin’ no one in public–no extras–so an open and operating location solves that problem. it just stresses me out. they let us set up a light, probably blinding a few of their PAYING patrons. we were behind the bar for most of the shoot and the bartender, AJ, did a continual dance with us, she’d edge by saying, “sorry,” and we’d be like, “oh no, we don’t want to be in your way,” and she’d be all, “i don’t want to be in YOUR way,” and we’d be all, “but you’re trying to make money, let us know if we’re being a problem.”
that’s how the whole night went. the manager, Connie, was a complete sweetheart, and for a little while, people treated us like we were a big time production. it was quite a trip.

amazing performances last night, and a brand new sound guy, james, rounded out the evening and last night was the last SCHEDULED night of shooting.

however, we have a couple pickups to do, and a little schedule shuffling for location considerations. so, two more days of shooting. next wednesday we’re back in the city and saturday the 6th we’re back on the rooftops.

here’s a link to the lcff page that will tell you more about the screenings of ep2 at the Lake County Film Festival–

catch you later.

random pictures from ep3 production

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Weekend of Feb. 20th & 21st

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this weekend was IN-SANE. in-sane is a hyphenate used as a descriptor for, in this case, an unprecedented level of camaraderie and dedication rarely experienced outside of newly wed dinner preparation.


we started at 3pm at a suburban park. it had snowed the night before so there was a lot of trudging through undriven snow in inappropriate footwear. AND we were working with a couple of kids who were cast off of internet casting sites, one was 12 and the other was 6. as soon as they arrived with their entire families, ryan, brad, and i looked at each other with a mounting sense of terror. what had i signed us up for? we had never worked with the precious children of total strangers while their entire families watched.  but they were amazing!  the performances were fantastic and their families were the coolest.  the moms talked shop–what it was like helping their kids chase their dreams, while we led their children into the playground and worked through the scenes.  it moved like a dream and i have never had a guest star who was so thrilled by an impromptu snowball fight.

eliza showed up after work and we flew through her sequence, beating the sun by at least 45 minutes. outstanding.

then we shot two more scenes in a nearby business district, all with guest stars, no regulars, and the energy that people brought to their performances was epic. everyone was so game. and we got through everything really quickly. which was lucky because one of our guest stars was acting in the 30 degree weather in a skirt without a coat. juliette needham is hardcore.

we finished at about 7:30,  got some movies (zombieland, shoot ’em up, and the hangover), pizza, and drinks and had a “high school sleepover” in ryan’s parent’s basement. it was the epitome of what a shoot day should be.


we woke up and got a scene with eliza and the squadron’s sanctum. then headed into battling some hardcore page count with a character that i don’t think i’ll mention in a location that will get the same treatment. but it did end up getting hard. we ran out of tape at about 7:30 and i didn’t have another one. it was at about the same time that we all hit the wall and our energy died.  david (a.d.) went to check his car to see if he had a tape and ryan and i talked ourselves into quitting and picking it up another night, when david mystically appeared with another tape. we grit our teeth and headed back into it, pushing through one of the most difficult sequences of the entire episode by sheer force of will, AND THEN shot one of the longer dialogue scenes in the episode. we finished at 11:30, feeling pretty good, packed up, and i made it home at 12:30.

all in all, it was amazing. everyone was so dedicated and worked so hard i was really inspired. this cast and crew give so much of their time to help make the show look as good as possible, i can’t believe it. i can’t even describe how blessed i am to have them with me for this. they deserve medals of valor and epic poems, but all they’re getting is this blog. they’re awesome.

i’ll put up a couple pictures we’ve taken during shooting in the next few days.

another shoot night on wednesday, almost done now.

oh, and episode 2 is playing at the college of lake county at the lake county film festival the first weekend in march. once thursday. and once on saturday. it’s playing  before a doc made by a couple of guys from second city. anyone in the area i’d love to see you there.

take it easy.

PoPS Video Update 2

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4th shoot night

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so we’re gearing up for another night of shooting tonight. lots of multiple carlyns shots  in store, so that could take a little time.

i imported everything we’ve shot so far into the computer last night after LOST. everything is looking so fantastic.

i just thought i’d do a quick update. and now i’m going to be trying to do weekly video updates at the behest of craig, so there will be far less need for these typing-type updates.

well, there you have it.  take it easy, all, and thanks for the comments!

PoPS video updates?

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