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PoPS video update 7

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shows as a second job

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life gets in the way. but it’s good. i just wish that things didn’t have to take so long.

i was talking on the phone with my mom today and i told her that i’d probably be done editing ep3 by now if PoPS wasn’t an effects show. as it stands i have 8-ish minutes. the teaser only had one complicated effect but i went crazier than normal trying to make it perfect. i’m not that guy. my credo when it comes to vfx is–does it communicate what’s happening? yes? then good enough! finally i had to call it.

then act 1 of ep 3 has a ton of effects in it. since i like to add them as i go i’ll edit a scene and then put all of the effects in to make sure it’s working. and i’m really liking things so far. and tonight i’m heading home after work and going right into the final effect of the second-to-last scene of act 1. so i’m excited. frame by frame i’m getting closer.

but then it’s not just effects that slow me down, it’s life. take this week for example. i work at my job until 6 every night–

monday night– had the chance to work on PoPS for around 3 and a half hours. then made dinner for my wife while we watched some Gilmore Girls, season 6. love it, we own every season.

tuesday night–no PoPS work. LOST night! we have no tv signal in our apartment, but we have two tv’s and dvd players. we drive to kenosha to watch LOST with our friends who are big LOST fans like us. or me maybe. i sometimes suspect that my wife doesn’t mind LOST but it’s not “a thing” for her like it is for me; and that she puts up with my constant stream of LOST patter out of an affection for me and a dedication to marriage vows. she’s awesome and contributes in theory conversations all the time. and this week was AWESOME!—-SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER… FOR REAL! the island is a cork? loves it!

last night–ikea. had to get a shelving system. and ikea’s not close. and then we had to eat. and then we had to build the shelving system. and then i wanted
to watch Gilmore Girls. i have this thing where if i don’t get to watch at least 1 episode of something daily i become all poorly mannered and am a pain to be around.

but tonight…PoPS! it’s a good thing too. because tomorrow night we’re getting our taxes done, saturday is about assisting ryan on FIS, and sunday my wife and i are acting in a friend’s feature project. then…monday night…PoPS work!

i like talking to you guys about this. sorry stuff takes so long.


jarvi out.

PoPS video update 6

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into editing…

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as soon as we wrapped production on ep3, my actual money-earning job needed some serious attention–hence the blog silence.

so now comes the editing and effects stage. i don’t get nearly as wound up about this stage, since the only scheduling that needs to happen takes place within the insular world of my own personal schedule. with the exception of dealing with certain music concerns, which can sometimes take a long time. that’s why i end up using rights free music and little music loops sometimes…already done, drag and drop. easy.

but i like to add effects into scenes as i go, and i like to edit from beginning to end. all in all, let’s just say things can take awhile. but i’m excited by the stuff i’ve been seeing as the cutting process begins, so that’s nice. all systems go.

on a side note, the second viewing of ep2 at the Lake County Film Festival was another excellent viewing experience. it was, in fact, the first time i ever experienced someone speaking out at one of my screenings because they were involved in the story–

at the point where mugger 2 is approaching donald to punch him toward the end of the episode, donald tries to fire up his hands and he shorts out. right when that happened some guy behind me went, “he’s juiced!” to whoever he was sitting with. it made me laugh that he was into it to the point of call and response. it was actually pretty exciting.

other than our own screenings we also saw a really cool doc called typeface, about the craft and obsolescence of movable wood-carved type in the printing and graphics industry. really cool story. if you hear of a place you can see it, i highly recommend it.

so now it’s just head down and power through. i have the puzzle pieces and now it’s time to make a viewable picture. the only other consideration is that i crew for ryan during “f-ed in space” production and episode 3 shooting of that is also going to take time out of my editing schedule. still…we’re all in this together so away we go.

take it easy, i’ll keep checking in.

PoPS video update 5

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PoPS video update 4

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Epic screening

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so, i was petrified last night. flat out, nausea inducing panic. we screened at the lake county film festival in the big room. the first night was free admission, but it being a Thursday, the audience was pretty small.
the size of the audience wasn’t my problem, it was that ep1 had played at a similar screening and it absolutely died. barely a chuckle the whole time. and then the college paper wrote it up as being terrible. so i was like, ‘why am i even doing this? why am i putting ep2 on the chopping block? what if it dies on the table like ep1? why do i keep gaining weight? why don’t i watch what i eat?’ so you can see i was a little misafangled last night.

but then it started and it was awesome. there were some laughs, no one walked out, the energy felt good, and it moved right along. it was the first time in the history of ever that i attended a public screening of something i was involved with and didn’t feel embarassed. i actually felt excited and proud. and the rest of the program was a lot of fun. so much fun that i forgot there would be a q&a after it.
i am no good at q&a’s, i can never think of anything to say, so i just sit there hoping that someone will ask a question to give me something to talk about. and i feel bad standing up there in front of the audience, i feel like they want to get up and go home and me standing there for a q&a is keeping them from being able to politely do so.(split infinitive!)  i think the on-the-spot feeling of it goes both ways, subject and audience. so after a little inconsequential blah, blah, blah from me–it’s a web series, there’s going to be 10 episodes, here’s the web site, lame self deprecating remark, thanks for coming–i was halfway to all but saying DISMISSED, when Pete Weiland, the bookstore bad guy himself, emerged from the audience to save my ass.
i didn’t think anyone else had come, except my parents, they’re awesome and always come out to support team Jarvi. but there was Pete and his dad. Pete came up on stage and took control. he talked about the traveling petting zoo location and totally saved the day.

all in all, it was awesome. thanks to the hard work of the cast and crew, i have finally experienced a public screening that i enjoyed. it was like a dream come true.

which means i’m totally going on Saturday. anyone in the area, we’re playing at the college of lake county in grayslake. you should totally come and hang out. it’ll be in a smaller room, some kind of classroom, instead of an auditorium like last night, but it’s going to be fun. there’s a link to our festival page below.

PoPS ep2 screening info

one more day of shooting left for ep3 production. tomorrow. it’ll be good to have it behind us and get into the editing stage. and then…the effects stage. ARGH!