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PoPS video update 18

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PoPS video update 17

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BlogTV interview tomorrow

Posted in Non Ep Specific on June 17, 2010 by PoPS blog

howdy, y’all.

just a quick reminder for those who’re interested, i’m [jake] doing an interview tomorrow night, Friday, June 18th, on BlogTV.

it all happens at 8pm central time [9 eastern] at… THIS IS THE LINK!!!!!!

so come on over to watch. it should last for about a half hour. and if you have a blogtv account you can ask questions and stuff.

that’s all for now. bye!

Interview with the cast

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that thing that happens…

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you know how sometimes you’ll be like, “oh, that thing that everybody is participating in?  yeah. i’m NEVER going to do that.”

here’s a link to the PoPS facebook page.  PoPS on FACEBOOK

please go and like our page.  it will prove to Hollywood that we have fiscal potential!


Operation Ep3:Transition…complete

Posted in Hypothesis the 3rd on June 7, 2010 by PoPS blog

that…was…amazing. while the parts of the episode launched on youtube, the response was unbelievable. i never imagined that it could be like that. thank you, mr. benzine, for directing your vlogging traffic to the show.  i always wondered what it felt like to have that kind of response to something that came out of your own head and now i’ve experienced it.

i want to thank everyone that watched the episode. your comments and ratings and just the fact that you showed up and stayed to watch made for one of the most incredible weeks i’ve ever had.

i’m going to start writing ep4 this week. video updates will come back into the swing of things soon. we’re still trying to get ep3 in it’s entirety onto the PoPS website. a few complications there from my end. now all i have to do (other than the rest of the episodes in the serial) is get it onto imdb. oh, and we’ll be coming with a facebook page soon. i’ll do an entry when it’s up. i just can’t imagine it having gone better.  thank you all so much.


Ep3 launch day!

Posted in Hypothesis the 3rd on June 1, 2010 by PoPS blog

man, this is awesome.

i put the first part of ep3 up on youtube a few hours ago and people have just been so nice with their comments. the reaction was immediate and it just keeps on coming. i was just hoping that people wouldn’t be disappointed, but it seems like they’re really enjoying it so far.

we’ll see what happens. about 3 minutes out of a little over 28 are up so far. i just hope they enjoy the rest as much as they’ve seemed to enjoy the first part.

here’s a link to the first part on youtube.

i’ll be back with an update after the whole episode has gone up. this is all so cool.