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PoPS video update 22 — Scheduling

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inspiration realization

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so i was totally going to schedule ep4 tonight. but wait! it’s july 2oth! you know what that means (if you’re a super-fan like me). Scott Pilgrim volume 6, Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour, the LAST scott pilgrim book, came out today. so after Barnes and Noble told me that it comes out on august 3rd,  and the closest Borders told me that they had a shipment enroute, i drove all the way to the wilmette borders to get it. then i read it.

in brian lee o’malley’s authors whats-it at the end of the book he said that it took him six years to write and execute the scott pilgrim series. REALIZATION! PoPS will NEVER be finished. okay, so that’s an exaggeration. (dig on that action, a correctly spelled word with a double g in it) but it feels like it won’t.

i wrote the pilot episode while i was working at Center Video–and i don’t mean my job is my barometer by which i mark the passing of the years; during the day i worked at the video store, at night i wrote the episode– i mean i was actually ON THE CLOCK when i wrote the pilot episode. i checked out customers and suggested movies in between writing dialogue scenes. and that was, like, 4 years ago now.

sure, we only started filming in february of 2009, but it’s july of 2010 and we’ve only done 3 episodes. i think if we continued to shoot stuff in one weekend, like we did with ep1, we’d be farther along. but it wouldn’t be as good as it’s become. during ep2 ryan told me that there was no point in making it if we didn’t try to make it as good as possible. and now with the way the scripts are, it’s going to take time to do that. ep4 is 40 pages long, has 67 scenes, and 20 locations. i was freaking out when ep2 had 11 locations in it.

now, i know…i know. things would go faster if i didn’t write so many scenes and locations. but when i decided to do PoPS right, i decided to abandon the robert rodriguez rule of thumb (write what you have) and embrace the alternative (write what the story calls for). and that’s what i’ve been doing. i further realize that things would also move faster if i scheduled when i was supposed to instead of reading a graphic novel, but fandom is part of the driving force that fuels my process. you gotta feed the furnace of fandom.

anyway, i guess i just realized that in brian lee o’malley’s case, even doing it as his job, it still took him six years. if you want to tell a story, you sit there and do it the best justice you can until the job is done. that’s my intention. i may “quit for a night” when i get frustrated, but i’m in it until all 10 episodes are done.

i’ll schedule on thursday, we have a read-through on tuesday, and then away we go.

congratulations to brian lee o’malley. he had a story to tell, he told it for six years, and now he can watch TV for a little bit. scott pilgrim rules. i can’t wait for august 13th.

PoPS video update 21 – Casting

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PoPS video update 20

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PoPS video update 19

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