Ep2 Production Wraps

Finally! It’s been 6 long months but we finished shooting all of the scenes, locations, and new characters for Episode 2 yesterday at Darktower Comics in Chicago. We’ve had so many enthusiastic volunteers help us along the way. It’s been so encouraging. Now all that’s left to do is edit it, score it, add sound effects, color correct it, and add all the visual effects. But I anticipate having a trailer for the episode up sometime this week. In other news, Thursday night this week at 10pm, the pilot episode is going to air on Chicago’s Image Union on WTTW. It’s an absolute thrill and it’s all thanks to the badass networking skills of our producer Tim Ferrin. So be sure to check it out! More updates soon. WTTW11, Chicago’s PBS station will air the pilot episode of “Platoon of Power Squadron” on Image Union: superHeroes Thursday November 12th @ 10pm on wttw11 (repeats sat Nov 14th @10pm on wttwPrime and sun Nov 15th @ 1am on wttw11) http://www.wttw.com/imageunion Check your service provider’s local listings for details.

One Response to “Ep2 Production Wraps”

  1. dakmemes Says:

    This show will turn out to be AWSOME

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