PoPS video update 52-Ep5 read through


3 Responses to “PoPS video update 52-Ep5 read through”

  1. nah, that would be a spoiler to me!
    if the others think different at least mark the update so that we know there’s gonna be the spoiler.

    btw you are doing a great job with pops!
    cheers Alex

  2. Robert Welle Says:

    A trailer would in fact possibly, maybe, perhaps show Donalds/Craig’s costume? “Matters not, thinks I !” (in Craigs best Yoda voice)

  3. NOOO!
    seriously, don’t.
    because its gonna be like in the films where they go from TERRIBLE costumes to a costume worthy of a super hero!! nooo!
    and it’ll be craigs special surprise…
    dont show it. well see in the episode and itll be like BAM!

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