Doing the Work Instead of Talking About Doing the Work

Been awhile since I combined any words into sentences around here. That’s because I finally discovered a point at which I don’t have the room in my brain for blogging. Between work and writing scripts, I’ve been using up all of my available productivity. In the moments I’m not doing those things, I’m either doing a PoPS video update—which I haven’t flagged on—or I’m nestled in some downtime, recharging so I can plow into more productivity. Instead of talking about what I’m doing or waxing philosophical about the creative process, I’ve just been creating. For work, for spec, and I love it. I love what I’m working on. I just have let the blogging fall away while doing it.

But it’s also one of my favorite times of year. My annual NIGHTMARATHON! Watching a whole horror movie franchise in a single sitting, recording, time-lapsing, and reviewing. This year was the Child’s Play series. And though it was a tougher slog than I thought it would be, it still makes for a fun marathon video.

Nice to bump into again, here in this sorely neglected corner of the internet. I hope to catch up again soon.

Thanks for reading.



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