Movie Crazy

Okay, you guys, let’s just get this out there. I’m movie crazy. I get obsessed with movies. The medium captured me as a kid, my fascination has warped and morphed over the years, but I just continue to obsess.

Until very recently, I always wanted to get to a movie theater during every vacation. It wasn’t truly a vacation unless I got to go to a new movie theater and see something on the big screen. When my family was in Paris when I was 18, I went to a French-dubbed version of Lost in Space because every movie was dubbed and I figured that movie would be visual enough to keep my attention. Did I think—Hey, maybe I don’t have to go see a movie if the only option is to watch one play in a language I don’t understand. Nope.

Over the last few years I’ve gotten better about this. Not completely cured, but better. When we go to Florida now I don’t need to go to the theater at Pleasure Island (or whatever it’s called now). I spend time experiencing all the crazy things they’ve created in the real world. I still can’t go out to LA without go to one of their theaters. Last time was the Cineramadome, the time before that was the New Beverly, next time it’ll probably be the New Bev again, depending on what’s on at CineFamily (which I haven’t been to yet). When we went to England we went to Looper, but that was my birthday, and I HAVE to go to a movie in the theater on my birthday. Just whatever’s playing. Fincher’s done me the favor of releasing two movies for my birthday viewing—The Social Network and Gone Girl). But sometimes it’s not even something I’m really that interested in, like Pitch Perfect, which I ended up liking a lot.

So, now here we are. A couple weeks away from going to Austin for Austin Webfest. Time to jump online and see what all the Drafthouse locations are showing while we’re there. Having never been to a Drafthouse, I’m super geared up and know that I have to see something. It won’t even take that much time away from hanging out with my friends in an awesome city. Our friends Craig and Chyna are coming to Austin, too. So, they can hang out and do whatever whle I slip away for a couple of hours to see whatever revival screening happens to be showing.


I find out that they’re doing this JAWS on the Water thing where the audience floats in a lake in inner tubes while watching one of the greatest movies of all time on a giant inflatable screen. Tickets are pretty expensive and I’d have to travel 40 minutes south to get to the ranch venue where it’s taking place. So, I throw that out to Eliza, just to see what happens. JAWS is one of her favorite movies, too. Seeing it with a full house when they did the 4K restoration was one of our favorite theater-going experiences of all time. We hemmed and hawed about the time commitment over what would be like a five hour commitment all told when we’re only in Austin for four days. I start wondering if I’d be too much of a movie-psycho to leave Eliza, Chyna, and Craig to hang out like normal people in an awesome city while I go to this thing by myself. But when I emailed Craig about it, he said he and Chyna were in, so… I’m surrounded by wonderful enablers.

In PoPS news, I’m about 8 edits away from having a complete rough cut of episode 9. I can’t believe how much work I still have to do on this episode between a reshoot night, ADR sessions, sound effects, SO MANY VFX, music, and color correction. I’ll just keep on working.

Not to mention that this week I have a freelance gig to shoot and edit to raise the money I need to do a short film later this summer, I’m spending a night shooting video for a friend, we’re helping some other friends of ours move this weekend, and I’m trying to keep up with a consistent exercise schedule. Sometimes I have to remember that I do all of this to myself. I opt in to all of these things. No one is forcing me to do anything. Okay. Just get out there and do it.

Thanks for reading, y’all.


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