Wrapped on Episode 9

Well, here we are. We started shooting episode 9 on November 3rd and we had our final night of initial production on June 2nd. That seems like a long production period. The vast majority of the episode was shot in November and December and the rest of it was tiny, little, one-shot cut-aways or one-off scenes with brand new cast in new locations. But I now have it all. I’ve just got to find the time to put it together. Let’s recap the final two shoot days.

Saturday, May 30th. The Thursday night before, I had two of my friends meet me at Chicago Costume Co. to get fitted for some costumes. On the shoot day itself, it rained all day, as evidenced by the last video update. So, after calling my contact, Kyle, to get this facility opened after they’d already closed due to rain, he met us and we got prepped starting about twenty minutes late. We shot as fast as we could, trying to keep everything dry with umbrellas while we shot outside, and we did a pretty decent job of it. Afterward, we took everybody out for lunch at the Brat Stop in Wisconsin, as the facility was right on the border.

Tuesday, June 2nd. The final night of shooting. We were using a friend’s workshop as a location and I had it all planned to do this green screen compositing effect in the background of a shot. Then we found out it would be possible to actually hang one of our actors off of this real motorized hook and move him around. So we did it. He had to stick his arms through this big furniture strap hanging off of the hook, basically hanging from his armpits. We could only do it for a few seconds at a time because that thing actually hurt quite a bit. I took the ride myself to see what it was like. That footage will be coming to the episode donors as soon as the episode gets released. After the shoot, we took the cast and crew to Parson’s chicken and talked how awesome Mad Max: Fury Road is and how much we miss video store culture.

Yeah. Another episode in the external hard drive. I know we’ll have one evening of reshoots, but I’d like a full cut first. Hopefully, I’ll have one within the next couple weeks.

Thanks for reading.



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