Pre-production Never Feels Like I’m Getting Anything Done

As I’ve mentioned in past weeks, we have quite a few sequences in this episode that take a lot of preparation for very little final screen time. Which is fine. They’ve been turning out great and the preparation we put into each set-up really sells each scene. But they require a lot of running around collecting things and I never feel like I’m actually getting anything done.

For me, working on VFX, editing, sound, music, or color correction feels like progress. Then, I feel like I’m actually landing puzzle pieces in place. Instead, tonight I’m taking two dudes down to a costume shop in the city for a costume fitting. Both these guys are doing me a favor playing non-speaking roles on Saturday afternoon, and this is the first time in the show I’ve had to full on rent costumes. We’ve had Carlyn fabricate a few costumes and we’ve done tons of thrift shop costume assembly over the years, but now we’re heading into costume rental territory.

When I’m done with that, I should either take apart an old computer tower to grab some parts from inside as props for Saturday; work on delivering materials to IndieFlix, who is adding PoPS to their stable of content; or work on completing a 15-second VFX shot that I’ve already poured about 5 hours into. Depending on Craig’s schedule though, we might catch a late show of Ex Machina. I’d really like to see it before it’s out of the theaters and I think time is running out. So, you can see how ridiculous I’m still being about wanting to go out to movies when I should be working.

Speaking of Craig, he and Chyna came over last night and we watched about three quarters of the episode. It played better than ever. Craig is always such a great PoPS audience. He’s really into the show and his enthusiasm is completely infectious. He kept saying that it was the best PoPS episode ever, and it really made me want to get this thing done.

And we’re perilously close to doing so. There’s about one minute of screen time left to shoot before we have the entire episode in the hard drive. I know we’re going to do one night of reshoots in our apartment, but after a shoot on Saturday and a shoot on Tuesday night, we have everything we need for a complete rough cut.

Still plugging away.

Thanks for reading.


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