We Got Into Austin Webfest!

We got into Austin Webfest!

I can’t wait. Couple things. When I was 15 years old, my family moved to Austin and started playing in coffeehouses as a family band. We called ourselves Rhythm ‘N’ the Doghouse, because, obviously, we were the coolest people in the world. Here’s the family playing one of our biggest hits many years later in a dark living room as captured by a cell phone camera. The glowing specter in the mirror is my lovely wife. Probably playing spider solitaire on the computer.

It was one of the most eventful and memorable years of our lives and is often rolled out and reminisced about. That’s when I realized you could completely reinvent yourself if you wanted to. My sister and I went back for a visit in the summer of ’98, but I haven’t been back since. That’s 17 years. I can’t wait to head back for a visit and to check out all of the festivities with Austin Webfest.

Perhaps most exciting of all—The screenings happen at the Alamo Drafthouse, the mecca of movie theaters for genre and revival cinema fans. I’ve been hearing about this place for eons and I can’t wait to see it with my own eyes. And see our faces on their screen. I’m just… SO… excited, you guys. Everything about this. I can’t wait. We’re getting our plane tickets today.

How about a little more catch-up on production days? This episode has a bunch of tiny little scenes in one-off locations that last about an eighth of a page. I’ve talked about the Simpsons-cutaway before. 30 Rock also uses it to great effect. It’s a tiny cutaway scene that’s a nightmare for production but lands really well in the pace and flow of visual storytelling. Usually in service of a joke. So, we have a few of those and that’s pretty much all that’s left to shoot at this point, so I’m trying to line up all those ducks. And shoot them. Poor ducks.

Thursday, April 16—Eliza got off work at 9pm and we booked it down to the city. We shot a one shot scene that took about 20 minutes. Then we shot another one shot scene that took about 15 minutes. Then we got massive slices of pizza and had a beer at the Logan Hardware barcade. It was an easy and fun night.

Satuday, April 25—We drove all the way up to Kenosha to shoot a series of scenes with new actors. We had a whole new group of volunteers helping out, letting us in to their locations, and generally helping us facilitate the day. It was great. It was a ton of fun and we got fantastic footage. The day was full of that “new activity” energy when a group of people are interacting with production for the first time and none of the chore-like aspects have sunk into their mentality. We arrived at 10 a.m and shot ‘til about 5 p.m. before driving home. A great day.

Sunday, April 26-Again, one shot set-ups in locations that take up and eighth of a page each. With a lot of travel. Grocery stores to shoot in are a little difficult to find. Then I called up my favorite produce place, really close to our house and the guy said sure. Just like that. He was like, “Sure, ask for Pete. Take it easy.” That was pretty much the whole conversation. Then we drove down to the loop in Chicago, where the building are tall and the el’ is visible for an impressive looking background. After that we hung out in Millenium Park a bit and had lunch at the original Billy Goat Tavern. It was awesome.

I think we could pack the rest of shooting into one really organized half day. But we’ll probably end up doing it in two semi-organized quarter days for the sake of easy scheduling. Hell, we could do it in three poorly organized hour-long shoots. We’ll just have t see how it lands.

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  1. So excited for you guys! Congratulations!

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