Gotta Fight for that Hour

My earnest goal every day is to put in at least one hour of working on the show. Whether it’s the edit, VFX, scheduling, shotlisting, donation gift fulfillment, paperwork, whatever it is. If I’m at least getting an hour in, progress is being made. Although, if it’s an hour of paperwork or running to get some props or something like that, I don’t feel as if I’ve done enough. Only if I’m writing, shooting, editing, doing VFX, color correcting, or doing sound work do I feel like I’ve legitimately worked on the show. Only then do I feel like I’m one step closer to a completed episode.

Some weeks though, it’s really hard to get that hour in. If people are coming over, it’s hard to get the hour in. I used to sit in the office and work while Eliza hung out with people in the other room, but that has started to seem supremely inhospitable to me. I’m not sure how I ever really thought it was a great thing to do. Since Eliza and I have taken it upon ourselves to get in better shape, it can be hard to get that hour in. Another goal I try to make is to exercise at least 3 times a week. If we head to the gym right after work, then we’re making dinner around 8:30 or 9, and then it can be hard to break through the mental impulse to simply decompress until bed. That’s a battle I win about 50 percent of the time. Half the time I’ll get my dishes to the sink and work on the show until 10:30 or 11 before I slump back onto the couch to watch Modern Family or whatever we’re in the middle of. Other nights it’s a hard enough battle just getting the dishes to the sink, let alone working on anything.

Then there are nights like tonight. Right after work I have band practice—I play bass with the contemporary band at church once a month alongside my parents. Then, I need to pick up some tax paperwork from this never-ending debacle our 2013/2014 tax seasons have become. When I get home, it’ll take me about a half an hour to cobble together some dinner and eat. Then I’ll jump into working on PoPS VFX until about 9 or 9:30, when I’m heading down to the city to go to a friends record release show. However much time is between dinner and the record release show is what I have for PoPS tonight.

Last night it came down to the period of time between exercising and going out to dinner with Eliza to celebrate her finishing her application to graduate school. That was about 10 or 15 minutes. I got about 8 frames of rotoscoping done last night.

Still, the battle to land that hour every weeknight is ongoing and being fought valiantly every day.

Incidentally, writing to the It Follows soundtrack is really motivating. It adds a propulsive sense of 80s synth urgency and foreboding to the process. And how cool of a composer name is Disasterpeace. That is the ultimate in “I don’t care, I do what I want” nicknaming yourself I’ve ever heard of.

Thanks for reading.


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