The modern filmmaker isn’t really a filmmaker if their content goes online. They’re a content creator. I’ve spoken before about the carnival barking nature of being an online content creator, but here we go again, because I’m currently campaigning.

Content creators need three main things from people:

  1. Their attention.
  2. Their money.
  3. Their votes.

I’m lucky enough to have gotten a good group of people who are interested in the stuff we’re doing, so there’s 1. Every time we fundraise for an episode, I’m so amazed and grateful that there are people who put their money into PoPS, so there’s 2.

And then there’s 3. A lot of online competitions have a voting element to them. The theory must be that if someone can generate enough votes, their content must be at least a certain quality. Theoretically, the better content and more ambitious creators will automatically rise to the top. It’s a solid idea and I’ve seen it work really well. I’ve also seen voting systems get thoroughly hacked. Once I was in a competition against a dude who had the good will backing of a 4chan board. They wrangled that guy’s numbers like nobody’s business with some kind of hacked cyber voting system. There’s no beating 4chan, you guys. But we put up a pretty good fight and raised an impressive number of legitimate votes. Plus, the guy they were backing is a really good YouTuber. I’m still subscribed to him.

This week I’m campaigning for votes to get into the top ten of another competition. It’s for the 30-second horror short we did that won the Studio360 #scaryshorts competition, …Jack. In order to vote, people have to click the thumbs up icon that comes with the official entry video. I wish they could use the one that’s been up for a year; I’ve got a lot of good views and thumbs ups on that one. But here’s the link to the video to thumbs up:

And since I feel like I’m always asking people to vote for me in competitions, I thought I’d at least make a fun video for the campaign this time:

Eliza and I shot that ourselves a couple nights ago and it took me two evenings of editing to get the crank effect rotoscoped out and everything color corrected. I had so much fun making that thing.

I hope you’ll vote for me if you have a minute to do so, I love horror competitions and this time I could even win a little money if I end up in the top three.

Thanks for reading.


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