Spring Drive and Real-life Collateral Damage

Ahh, independent production in the Midwest. I have been ON FIRE this week, you guys. I’ve been hyper productive at work and then coming home to work on the show and other project ideas. I’ve been accomplishing things like crazy, and I think it’s all thanks to the fact that the weather finally broke. For the last few days, we’ve had weather above 40 degrees Fahrenheit. We even had a day flirting with 60. 60!!!!!! After months of freezing to death, the 50s with some sunshine falling on your shoulders feels like t-shirt weather. And it’s just made me feel super productive.

This is the thing about living in Chicago, I romanticize the hell out of LA all winter long. It’s only partially about the weather. Of course, I long for the sunshine, the hills meeting the ocean, the yearlong temperature above 60, and the palm trees…God, I love palm trees. But, it’s also the fact that most of the people I follow on Twitter are industry folks in LA who are always Tweeting the details of amazing LA-based events—movie screenings, merch release parties, signings, meet-ups, etc. God, I love movie screenings.

But there’s a reverent appreciation for sun and warmth as daylight savings time ticks over in Chicago that’s only experienced by the truly deprived. By the middle of February, we’re so used to leaving work after dark, shivering our way to our cars while the winter wind tries to eat our faces, our cars almost warming up by the time we get to our destinations, and walking into our chilly apartments and turning on the oven and the space heater to try and defrost our living space before we start to defrost our dinners. It’s easy to forget that you were ever warm; that you’ll ever be warm again. That moving about can be easy and free. And then when the sun breaks through and the outside warms up again, there’s such an appreciation for life and the knowledge that we all made it through. Together, we all survived. Again. Soon, the bare legs will be back and we can get our bikes out again.

Anyway, that’s why I’ve been feeling so productive lately. Chicago’s four-month prison sentence seems to be at its end. The perimeter walls lining every street are melting. I heard several birds chirp this morning.

In other news, sometimes in casting friends, you can cause more stress than you ever meant to. That happened with PoPS this week. I cast a friend and it was such a source of stress for them that they had to back out. I feel so bad about it. From here on out, I’m going to make sure that I’m not putting too much pressure on people. I don’t want this show to be a source of stress for anyone but me. And, unfortunately, Eliza. Because she’s my go-to producer.

Thanks for reading, y’all.


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