The Last Minute Shuffle

For the last few weeks, we’ve been shooting some one-off scenes. Using new actors, dealing with new locations, fabricating new set dressing. And each scene has more things that we need to collect than usual. I’m really seeing the value of having a dedicated production designer. PoPS is usually pretty light on having to procure specialty props or set dec. Maybe a gun or two, some flak jackets, some ski masks, but nothing like we’ve been doing lately.

These scenes all take place in the past, so we need to try and make everything look period appropriate. I knew it would be a pain when I wrote it, but it still seemed like the thing to do. So, here we are. It’s meant many online searches, trips to a prop rental warehouse, and a lot of use of the Indiegogo funds. Thankfully, they’re there.

After wrapping last weekend we were watching Downton Abbey. MAN! Can you imagine having to make it look like the early 20th century? That sounds like a nightmare. Luckily, all of our scenes in the past are the relatively near past, but it’s opened my eyes to how much a production design team does.

Short post this week. Thanks for reading.



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