My Hobby Requires Paperwork

As a young upstart, you think—I’ll just develop my skills as a storyteller. Writing and directing. If I write and direct really well, someone will pay me to do it and take care of the hard stuff like scheduling.

Then you get a little older. Well, I can’t show that I can write and direct unless I have something I’ve written and directed to show people. I’ll just make something.

After trying that a couple times by just throwing things together with a couple days notice and seeing who’s available this weekend—This all feels so slap-dash. I better figure out how to actually schedule this thing. I hate scheduling… But nobody’s volunteered to do it. Okay, let’s try this.

Now we live in the age of crowdfunding and my hobby has sprouted a lot of paperwork to boot. When I was a kid, I never thought I’d be saying—Man, I love making movies with my friends! Except during tax season.

We forgot to send out 1099s to the people we paid over the certain amount, and I guess we could face financial penalties or something? I’m not really sure, but it’ll probably all work out. It’s just crazy to me how my after-work hobby has given way to so many other responsibilities. When going to work is more relaxing than going home, something has taken a turn.

Thanks for reading.


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