Why Do People Help Us?

The locations that I’ve been speaking with are all falling nicely into place. But why? A lot of the time I don’t question it. I just put my head down and start trying to solve the next issue in the eternal production puzzle. It’s just another thing to check off the list. Obviously, I feel good about it. It’s always nice to get rid of something that’s been weighing on your mind, but every once in a while, amidst the general gratitude, the question emerges—why are these people helping us?

For the people volunteering to crew, they must enjoy some aspect of the set experience. That makes sense to me, I actually do enjoy many aspects of the set experience. But for the people letting something as unknown and unpredictable as a film crew into a their personal location, what are they getting out of it? We have a great track record of respecting the locations we gain access to, so it’s not that they have to worry about us damaging anything, but I still can’t find the upside. We don’t have any money for them.

Take this latest batch of locations for example. We’ve been given the green light to shoot at a VERY well respected university in Chicago. I’m just waiting on one last signed liability waiver from my crew before we get to shoot in a city water treatment lab. And the proprietor of a local restaurant is willing to stay late on a Sunday to let us use his place. That’s all so awesome. And people are helping us simply to help us. And their participation makes the show look so much bigger and better. I don’t know why they do it, but I sure do appreciate it.

This has been a very productive PoPS week. I’m still trying to gather as many young actor submissions as possible to set up auditions for the space we have reserved on February 1st. Everything finally came together for us to get our top donor out here to shoot his cameo scene, so we’ve gotten him a plane ticket, a hotel room, and the location is almost set for that scene. The location confirmations have been coming through.

I’ve also continued editing the episode. There’s a pretty substantial sequence at the end of the episode requiring a series of effects, so I’ve skipped to begin editing that sequence. Like when I was editing episode 6, I started by cutting together the storming of the meth lab. There were so many effects shots in that sequence that the VFX shots from it were still the last thing completed on the episode. It was a big damn job. I feel like this one won’t be as heavy a workload, but there’s still a bunch of effects that need doing. The sooner I can send Ryan his shots, the better off we are.

Thanks for reading.


One Response to “Why Do People Help Us?”

  1. I think you should ask the owners of the locations, why they are willing to let you film on their property. Just out of curiosity – maybe there will be surprising answers.

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