A Little Wiggle Room

Production is always the best when there’s a little bit of room in the schedule for people to experiment with their acting and when there’s enough time to really get the coverage you want. Case in point: the only shoot day we had over the last week.

Monday, November 24, 7pm-11:30pm. Almost everybody gathered early for dinner—Panera again, and we were underway around 7:30. We had Eliza’s cousin show up for a portion of the evening. Whenever someone new comes to set they always remark how the apartment feels smaller in person than it does in the show. Only one person out of many thought it seemed bigger. That’s neither here nor there, just a little factoid. This revelation of real world spacing runs counter to the reality for people of the internet. When one constant viewer saw me in person for the first time, after having watched the show and my weekly vlog updates, her exact words were, “Jake Jarvi is TALL.” Whereas movie stars are often smaller than people think after seeing them on the big screen, most internet personalities are found to be much bigger in person. I think it has largely to do with the format. Again, a factoid I find interesting. Of no real consequence to the production day.

I was able to add a shot to the shotlist when I realized the audience would want a little geography refresher at the start of a particular scene, so we were running at a nice leisurely but productive pace. We got to use the 70mm-200mm Canon zoom lens I bought for the first time and it is a VERY welcome tool to the production arsenal. We have a little more wiggle room in camera placement and that’s great news.

Unfortunately, we had a huge snow storm that day. The last shot of the night was a GoPro car mount shot and the likelihood that I’ll be able to cut around the snow is very minimal. In all probability we’ll have to reshoot that shot once some of this stupid snow melts.

All in all, it was a great production day. Great footage, performances, and just enough fun hanging out on set.

Thanks for reading.



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