Internet Fishing

Our fundraising campaign has gone really well, and whether we hit the goal or not, the amount of support I’ve felt coming our way has been amazing. Here are a few of the campaign videos that have gone up over the last week:

And speaking of support, every once in a while I think to google “platoon of power squadron” and I find a bunch of great things that are just inspiration boosters on tumblr. Like gifs people make:


“Donald being a badass in episode 8.” – lunar-alienism

I especially love it when they grab screencaps of the show and add words to them. It’s like a clue into what parts of the show are really connecting with people. And the things they write to accompany the images are SO NICE!


“I have yet to introduce someone to PoPS who hasn’t fell in love with the show (OK, not true, one guy just thoroughly enjoyed it), but even if it is not your jam, I implore you to at least check these guys out and consider supporting them on the grounds that they are a bunch of hardworking, insanely creative, good people that are helping to lead a revolution in how we share our stories.” – thelynchieconjecture


“Platoon of Power Squadron is really great webseries I’ve been watching for the last four or five years.  It’s inspired the webseries I’ve been working on for the last year or two, and it has just been getting better and better with every episode.  Jake Jarvi, the guy who writes, produces, and stars in it, is kind of my favorite non-famous famous person in the history of ever.” – songofsarcasm

Like…right? When you go internet fishing, sometimes you find stuff that makes your day.

And here’s a link to the Indiegogo campaign for the final hours:

Thanks for reading.



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