Retreat, Recalibrate

It has been a week of ups and downs, you guys. Serious ups and downs. After the disappointment on Friday of not advancing in Project Greenlight, I was deep in planning mode trying to get ready for the upcoming shoots on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights. I was having a hard time getting my hands on fake guns that look legit, but I had my shot-listing done for the 16 pages we were going to shoot and was starting to call the actors for brief one-on-ones about their characters.

Then I got the call. Like I said in the above update video I got a call about a catastrophic location debacle. Not a we-need-to-schedule-this-for-another-time call, a it-would-be-great-if-we-never-dealt-with-this-location-owner-ever-again call. I spent the day trying to figure out how to keep the scenes essentially the same in a new location, but was having a really rough time. Luckily, my wife is a super story editor as well as a producer and she helped me come up with some interesting alternative ideas. So, I started rewriting. And I will continue to keep rewriting tonight. One of the main storylines of the episode needs to be re-worked about 30 to 40 percent and a lot of location justification needs to be threaded in. But I’ll figure it out. It was just a tough pill to swallow on top of everything else.

Luckily, it’s also been an amazing week. My friends Craig and Chyna got enganged! And he proposed to her in his 1,000th YouTube video where he revealed he’d been working on the proposal for weeks. Then the video went viral. His first real viral video. As I type this it’s got 1.3 million views and it keeps collecting more as sites like huffingtonpost do more “YouTuber Proposes in 1,000th Video” posts. So amazing. Here’s the proposal:

So amazing.


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