Forced Momentum

Part of my creative process is a fierce period of focus and productivity followed directly by a desire to do nothing. Seriously. Nothing. I just want to lay down on the floor and stare at the ceiling until I hear my mind whir down like a shut down computer tower. My time in LA was really nice for that, actually. I was halfway through a great book called In the Woods by Tana French when I got there and, after a super busy (self imposed) first two days, I spent LARGE portions of my remaining three days drinking coffee and reading the rest of the book.

And even though we didn’t win for Best Indie Series, here’s a picture of Rob and me laughing in front of one of Howard Hughes’s helicopters, now a permanent installation at YouTube Space LA:JakeAtStreamysSpecial props to Rob for rocking the PoPS episode 7 fundraiser shirt in that photo and the PoPS episode 8 fundraiser shirt in the last update. And for letting me crash on his floor for four nights.

While still on the subject of the Streamy Awards, I want to point out that while driving from Los Feliz to Beverly Hills, where the event was to be held, I noticed some particularly gold and dangly earrings catching the sun from the car behind me in my rearview mirror. Upon closer inspection I saw some really bright lipstick and what appeared to be two very manicured people. The lady was driving and the dude had, like, really sculpted stubble. Like, Harrison Ford stylie. They looked red carpet ready and they were rolling in an old green Honda Civic. Just a regular old work-a-day sedan. I thought—Yep. Here we all are, playing grown-up. It’s probably exactly the way most red carpet attendees feel their first time.

Anyway, enough about the Streamys and LA. The subject of this blog post is the forced momentum that’s been chasing me the last few episodes. As I was saying, after a period of intense focus and hard work, for instance, writing a 80+ page script. I just want to laze around for a week. But the last two episodes have arrived full force right after I finish writing. We’ve had a very strict deadline to catch.

Last episode it was an actor moving to LA. Rob up there. I had independently set the wheels in motion for the character to be retired, but when he announced his departure I called him up and asked what he wanted to do. He delayed his departure by two weeks to shoot with us and also attended last year’s Halloween franchise Nightmarathon. Good times.

This time it’s an actor moving to central California, and I want to wrap up his character as well. Now, I’ve known he’s been going for a long time, but with everything else we’ve been doing at the same time—Streamys, Project Greenlight submissions, working for a living—I only got things lined up to shoot for the last few days before he left. Not an ideal situation when you’re moving across the country, but the dude was a trooper and said he could do it. Then my location fell through. Fortunately for me, my buddy Craig cast him as the lead for another project, which extended his stay in Chicago by a week, during which my location had availability for us. So we start shooting in four days. We need to get the first three shoot nights out to wrap the character and then I can sit down and try to figure out and schedule the rest of this thing.

Forced momentum, you guys. Here we go again.

Thanks for reading.



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