I Just Make Content

I woke up at 4:30 a.m. this morning to get to the airport and head to LA. Now, I’m laying on the floor of my friend Rob’s apartment in Los Feliz trying to stay awake until this event at the YouTube Space LA. I tried to pinpoint the draw of Los Angeles as I walked out to wait for the rental car shuttle at LAX—aside from the dream factory’ness of it all. I’m pretty sure it’s the palm trees. And the awesome looking hills that appear at the end of very long streets penned in by generations of rundown shops and restaurants. I think I’ve got it now though. I’m pretty sure it’s the palm trees. I just really like the palm trees. A whole lot of this place just seems to vibrate with an atmosphere of collective ambition, which can be a little disconcerting. But I really like those palm trees. Unfortunately, the New Beverly is closed for the entire month of September, so I can cross that off my to-do list. Anyway…

Tonight is the Streamy nominees reception at the YouTube Space and they’re announcing the winners of 33 of the categories, including Best Indie Series. So, we’ll know pretty soon. I’m also hoping to run into a few fellow nominees and just discuss the nature of making a show simply because you believe in it.

My buddy Rob, in addition to playing a character in PoPS, talks to a lot of folks, builds networks, and right now he’s working on building a blog as well. He just asked me how I make all this content. I told him I just do. I’ve been asked the same question by other web show creators who’ve built more recognizable and lauded brands for their shows. They have more press and buzz, but a lot less content. I tell them the same thing. I don’t know how to market or get press quotes or do any of that stuff. I just know how to make stuff, so I just keep making it.

We also had our first live streamed Q&A on our YouTube channel. All of the main four cast were there as well as our friend Chyna. We talked to the audience and reminisced and answered questions for over 2 hours. It was all recorded via YouTube and a full video of it is on our channel. I’d say a good five minutes at the front are us trying to figure out how to work the live stream, but most of the events I’ve seen seem to always start that way.

Last, but certainly not least, we launched our Indiegogo campaign for episode 9 of PoPS last night during the live stream. As of right now, about 19 hours later we’re almost up to $1500. Our audience is just so supportive and cool. 30 days left in the campaign. Plenty of road to go.


Thanks for reading, you guys. I actually got everything from last week’s blog post done, except Ryan cancelled the shoot day he needed me for. That helped a lot. I’m so tired.



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