The Art of Doing Too Much

I have so much to do right now I cannot stop thinking in lists and time slots. Before we go any further, watch this video of one Project Greenlight submitter reading the email saying he was selected for the top 200. He ingeniously started recording from his laptop camera every time he got an email that day so the moment would be captured, no matter the outcome. This…is…perfect:

I commented on that video asking if he had a hard time sleeping the night before the announcement emails were sent out and he responded saying he’s a big fan of PoPS. So, good times.

For real though, the night before the emails were sent out I kept having these dreams that looked like Coke commercials, all golden-hued California dusk light falling on people getting their top 200 notification and jumping and hugging in the street in tracking slow-mo shots. Then me lying in our shadowy, pre-dawn bedroom, not getting one. Like, all night.

So, now that we are in the top 200, here’s everything that’s going on right now:

-I’ve dropped into hyper-work mode at my money-making job to try and get all of my work done before going to L.A. in 7 days. I have to write three more feature stories and two restaurant reviews for the magazines. Two of the evenings before I go are also taken up with going to the restaurants that need reviewing.

-I have to shoot, edit, and upload three videos this weekend. The usual update, my Project Greenlight bio video, and a fundraiser video for the episode 9 Indiegogo campaign. Luckily, with Labor Day, this is a 3-day weekend.

-For the bio video, I need to go to the hardware store tonight to get the materials for a specialty prop, and I have to build that.

-I have a call back audition for a significant role in another awesome web series on Saturday in the middle of the day, but I’m combining that with grabbing some clips for the bio video. So it’s a two-for-one trip to the city, before we go to the western suburbs for one of the restaurant review dinners.

-I need to finish writing AT LEAST the villain arc of episode 9 because I just scheduled the first three days of filming for the night after I get back from L.A. Another of our actors is moving away and his character needs a satisfying exit. His last night of shooting is currently scheduled for the day before his projected departure.

-One of the actors from PoPS asked for a cut of his scenes for his new website, so I need to put that together. That won’t take too long though.

-On Tuesday night we’re planning a live show with Craig for the PoPS fans to thank them for voting for us in the Streamy Awards. That might also be a nice time to launch the fundraising campaign.

-Wednesday, on my lunch break, I need to go pick up my new suit and make sure it fits right, then after work I’m due to go film with a friend for the web series that he’s doing. Not the one I mentioned earlier.

-On Thursday at 7 A.M. I fly to L.A. to hear the winner of Best Indie Series announced later that night.

-And, this is kind of silly considering all the things I’ve just outlined, but for three months I’ve been planning to go to a drive-in movie theater on Friday night for an amazing horror movie triple feature. The Return of the Living Dead, the new 4K restoration of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Creepshow. All for 10 bucks. How the frigging frig could I let myself miss that line-up? AT THE DRIVE-IN! Nope. Can’t. I’m totally going.

That’s what’s happening right now, you guys. If I can land all of these things in the next 6 days, then I’ll feel like I can do anything.

Oh, and since I haven’t posted it here, here’s our 3-minute Project Greenlight Entry.

Thanks for reading.



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