I’ve been trying to write episode 9, but I’ve been inundated with a bunch of distractions.

When I stumbled upon the announcement that Project Greenlight was coming back, I actually threw my hands up in the air. I was sitting in the middle of the office I work in. Hands in the air. No one noticed, but it could have been awkward. I loved Project Greenlight. It was always fun to submit something, participate in judging, and follow the progress of the filmmaker as they made their film.

I never had anything to submit when they were looking for directors. We’re talking 2001-2005 here. Hell, I’ve only just started assembling decent reel material 10 years later. But now they’re looking for a director with a 1- to 3-minute short and I have to decide if I make a short specifically for the contest or grab a 3-minute section of PoPS to submit. The fact that I have a fallback option if I can’t pull together a quick short just shows how far I’ve come. Hell, we pulled …JACK together in under a week and that won the #scaryshorts contest. The stakes for Project Greenlight are a little higher though. It’s got a visibility that’s staggering. Just getting through a couple rounds of the competition could be amazing for the visibility of PoPS. This has always been the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory of the film industry. Everyone that’s ever romanticized the dream factory of Hollywood is looking for the Project Greenlight golden ticket. So, I’ve been trying to think of a quick short that can be as polished as the scene I picked from PoPS, but that’s also a complete story. I’ve got a couple ideas percolating, but the deadline’s coming up. The entry period started today. I guess we’ll see.

Then I saw a web series I subscribe to talking about Streamy nominations, so that took up my entire field of vision for a couple days. They used to have an entry fee of $95 PER CATEGORY for submissions and I was all, “WHAT?!” Now, it’s a flat $95 fee and you can submit a series in a bunch of categories. So I did it UP! I submitted us for Comedy, Action-Sci-fi, Indie, Best Ensemble Cast, Best Lead Actor, Best Lead Actress, Director, Cinematography, Writing, Editing, and VFX. Then the submission with the most Fan Submissions sent in automatically gets a slot in a category, so I hit Twitter and Facebook and made a minute-and-a-half Streamys begging video for our audience in the six categories that allow Fan Nominations:

It’s been a very self promotion’y time. Still, it would be super cool if the show got nominated for something.

Despite all that, I’ve written the first nine scenes of episode 9 and I have a pretty good handle on the way all the threads are going to come together. We’ll see how everybody feels about this one. A LOT of reveals in 9.

Thanks for reading.



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