Adrift, Yet Accomplished

The comments and views are still coming in for episode 8, and it’s all still such nice feedback and enthusiasm pointed in our direction. I’ve only just finished my initial episode-wrap up work. The episode parts on YouTube are all closed captioned, I scanned in my personal copy of the episode 8 script with all my shot notes in the margins for the donation perks where people get a digital copy of it and the few who get a bound copy of it, got the full episode to Ryan to run unbroken on our website, I made and mailed the master discs for the episode 8 DVD and the 1-8 DVD perks to the Harris boys—the wonderful father/son team who duplicate our discs as a contribution to the show, and I made a new Intro to PoPS video for our YouTube Channel. It’s 85 seconds long, has less story-spoilers, more show-flavor, and I think it’s a better indication of the tone of the show with enough VFX to show what we can do on that front:

Plus, the thumbnail is just B.A.-all-the-way. The B.A. Stands for badass. One of my favorite shots from the series so far. Not just because I’m the one in focus.

I might do a video update about my captioning process in the next few weeks, because I finally got a system together that I think works pretty well.

Anyhow, now that I’ve done my part on the initial donation fulfillment and got the captioning put to bed, I have a couple days where I can actually take a break if I want to. Like tonight. I may have a quick Skype talk to do for the update this week, but other than that I might actually lounge around and watch a movie. On a weeknight! Before the show I spent A LOT more time watching movies. I wonder what I’ll watch? It’s so exciting. Being out from under another episode—especially one that’s been so warmly received—makes me feel a little adrift. Just untethered for a moment. Eliza told me last night that she thinks I don’t really know what to do with myself right now. It’s true. I feel like I should be doing something more. Eh. I’ll start writing episode 9 in a few days. Until then, Happy 4th of July, Americans!

Thanks for reading.



3 Responses to “Adrift, Yet Accomplished”

  1. Envyrus Says:

    I’ve just started reading through the episode 8 script and have say this somewhere: it is freaking amazing. I’ve never read a movie script, but it feels like looking into your brain a little (like Jonas, only less spectacular;-) ). This is such a weirdly satisfying experience… but it opens questions upon questions: do the actors only get this, or some notes on mood/sarcasm etc? Do you really see these scenes in your head before you even shoot them? (these detailed action descriptions baffle me… sadly I don’t have wifi at the moment to cross reference them to the actual episode) Do you really only plan the shots whit these notes in the margin? How about the transitions, are they just in your head? I’m sure you have explained some of this in the updates, I remember something called the shotlist, is that a separate document?

    This glimpses into your process are so interesting. Hope you’re having a great week. Kind Regards.

    • Wow, thanks! I pretty much see the episode before we shoot it. Little things change here and there depending on location, blocking decisions, and actors choices, but pretty much.
      I write the transitions into the margins as well. Not many visual transitions in 8.
      The shot list is just a line item write-up of the margin notes so I can remind myself quickly on set and check them off as we go. I just explain each shot as we move through the day.
      The actors know their characters pretty well at this point and we talk the lines out at the beginning of each shoot day. All sarcasms and sincerities are agreed upon during read throughs so everyone knows where their characters stand.
      Thanks so much for donating to help us and for your comments on reading the script. That’s really cool.

      • Envyrus Says:

        Oh I forgot about the whole process before the shoot, I guess that makes sense :D. It amazes me that you can actually see the episode before it exists, I don’t think my mind works that way. I imagine it is similar to reading a book and imagining what is written. The characters in my mind seldom look like anything it says in the book and if they insist on repeating key features (like hair colour) it can get pretty frustrating 😉 . Also: directions never add up and places make absolutely no sense (like every location is a separate thing, not connected in a logical way to the rest.) Nevertheless, good times :D.

        One day when I have more time on my hand, I absolutely want to try to make some short clip just to see if it would make any sense at all.

        Thanks for the response, have a good week.

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