Trailers for Internet Content

I think about movie trailers a lot. I love the way they package a tone and establish a set of expectations. They try to tempt you. Same with commercials for TV shows. In a short time I’m going to convince you to dedicate more time to this longer thing. When it comes to internet stuff, though, a lot of time having a trailer just feels pointless. A lot of the stuff we watch on the internet is because of links and word-of-mouth blurbs, not trailers. Someone we know or enjoy enough to follow online thinks it’s worthy of watching and they provide us with a link, so we click and watch. I understand the purpose of them, you want people to be ready to watch your thing as soon as you upload it. Your trailer has your release date. You want to drum up the same kind of excitement you feel when you see a trailer for a cool movie. That’s why I do them. I want people to be watching it as soon as it goes up. So here’s the trailer for episode 8.

Yeah. The release date is three days from now. I released the trailer for episode 1 a little over six months before we released the episode. That had more to do with waiting to see if we got into a pilot competition before uploading it, but six months between a trailer and the episode it’s for is internet-ridiculous. The trailer for every other episode went up about two to three weeks ahead of release. Every time the same thing happens. It gets a bunch of views and stirs up excitement for a few days and then everybody forgets about it. By the time I launch the episode, I get some of comments from people like “Oh! I forgot this was coming out today!” So, what’s the point? Three days is enough time to get people ready to watch and then we drop it on them right away. Plus, Vidcon is next weekend. I don’t want the episode to come out while everyone is at a huge YouTube convention doing the face-to-face thing instead of the sitting-at-their-computer thing. I don’t want to wait a whole other week for people to get home and decompress. So, let’s do it now. I just have a couple touch ups to do and we’ll upload it.

The cast and crew screening was outstanding, I might add. Listening to people react to it is unbelievably exciting.

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