Closing In On It

Oh, you guys, I’m finally closing in on it. I’ve been watching elements of the episode come together in a truly final way. It’s really exciting. I’m blending and mixing sound effects against dialogue in the timeline, finalizing sound effects over the remaining portions of the episode, dropping in effects shots from Ryan, and getting music in and putting it into place. One of my favorite online musicians, Levar Allen, also known as levarslaysdragons…

…gave me permission to use one of his original songs for a bar scene, so that’s super awesome.

And while we’re thinking about internet rap, the newest Epic Rap Battles of History is the best one ever. Edgar Allen Poe vs. Stephen King. PROCEED WITH CAUTION, a couple explicit lyrics ahead.

These guys cracked the code. Their rap battle videos get tens of millions of views regularly. And we saw them play live and the crowd went crazy.

Then check out Watsky—the guy who played Poe—drop some hardcore poetry knowledge in the behind the scenes. About 30 seconds in he breaks down the difference between iambic pentameter and trochaic octameter.


Short post this week. It’s just exciting to see the episode finally locking into place. I hope you enjoyed the internet rap aside.

Thanks for reading.





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