The Inevitable Propulsion

     I’ve reached that time once again where I feel like I need to spend A LOT more time working on the episode. It always happens when I accidentally glimpse the end in sight. For so much of the process while making an episode I just keep my head down, focusing on each little component. Let’s just finish this one this little piece, just this one scene, just this one effects shot, just this one sound problem, let’s find just one song that works with this sequence. I try to work four or five hours on weekend days and at least one hour every weeknight. That’s why it takes so damn long. If I go full bore the whole time I get burned out and lose a couple days of productivity because I’ve quit forever, you know how it goes.

     But there’s always a turning point. I’ll turn some editing corner and see the post production end point up ahead. It’s like the end of any long journey you’ve made a few times. For most of the trip you’ve just set the cruise control a notch or two above the speed limit. You know you’re going to get there and you’re making good progress, but you’re not inviting any trouble by trying to go too fast. But when you pass that familiar landmark that means you’re almost there the foot just starts drifting to the gas pedal and the speedometer starts to sneak upward.

     I hit that point about a week ago and got really excited about the episode, bumping my weeknight quota up to two hours a night–at least one on busy nights if people are coming over–and I spend my whole weekend wishing I were working on the episode. The weekend work hours haven’t had a chance to increase yet because we tend to have life-plans scheduled in there already. I bet the video updates are about to get a lot less work intensive though. Probably going to be a lot more sitting in the office talking about stuff instead of messing around with B-roll and inserts. Classic vloggin’.

     Another reason I’m so excited about the show is because I showed the intro of the episode to our friends Craig and Chyna and they responded really well to it. Man, it got me fired up. I wish I was working on it RIGHT NOW!

     So, there you have it blog readers. The finish line is in sight. I’ve got a ton of work to do before I get there, but at least I’ve taken off the cruise control.

Thanks for reading.



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