Editing Update

In between all of the traveling and the full day movie marathon this week, I’ve been setting down in the home office and working on the episode. I’ve been trying to work on VFX all throughout the edit so I don’t have a ton of those to do at the end this time. A little more classic-PoPS style. I used to be all about the linear edit. Front to back, dropping in music and VFX as I went, so that the first edit was practically a fine cut. Once I was farming out a certain amount of elements, it just didn’t make sense anymore. Now that I’m starting to bring more of the elements back into my own little home office there’s a lot less waiting for people to feel motivated to work on things and get them back to me. That’s a frustrating little game to play with your free time.

It makes me feel really bad for my actors. They work on this thing forever ago and then have to wait for an eternity to see it all put together. At least I’m intimately connected to the process and can see all the pieces. I can see the progress and feel like something’s happening. They just have to wait. Waiting is the roughest.

I’m finally editing the final act of the episode. On page 65 of the script. Hopefully a week or two away from a full rough cut. Then I need to get a few shots from Ryan (DP and VFX); get a couple actors in for looping, some of our locations and shot setups were NOT conducive to live sound recording this time; work out the music situation, find out what needs new tracks written and recorded, what creative commons/royalty free stuff I need to find, and what themes I’ll be pulling from previous episodes; color correction; a trailer. We’re probably still a little far away from this. I just need to work on it more.

With that, I leave you for this week. I have a lot of work to do.

Thanks for reading, guys.



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