Speaking with Passion

     That last video update is one of my favorites again. Like I said, I’d been thinking about doing a camera movement update since I saw the Veronica Mars movie and that was like a month ago. Anytime I take the time to actually formulate my thoughts before doing an update it always rises to the top for me. Of course, those updates are always about movies or video making. If I was to have a real YouTube channel instead of one based primarily around a web series, it would definitely be movie commentary channel. Maybe not like when I did the Cinematic Study Guides…

…because after awhile I didn’t like the idea of telling the entire plot of a movie in 10 minutes. I still think they’d be a fun watch after having seen the movie to get another perspective and some background information—there are other channels and websites that do this well: Good Bad Flicks & Nostalgia Critic—but a lot of my audience was simply watching the study guides instead of the movies and that started to bug me. I always thought they were a lot of fun to do and Eliza and I had a great time watching some of the old movies for it, but they took a day and half to shoot and edit. That’s another part of it. If I have quite a bit to say about a subject and I use clips as examples, they become a whole day affair. For the camera movement one, between finding the clips and editing down 18 minutes of me free-styling my thoughts on moving the camera while referencing notes, it was an all day thing. I didn’t touch one frame of PoPS that day. The Explaining Horror update took a little less time because I referenced way fewer clips, but I still spent very little time on the show that day. But it’s an update I love because I’m talking about something I’m excited about:

     And when I asked people about their favorite updates in the 200th, one subscriber named Jasmine pointed out one that had slipped under my radar of personal favorites, in which I go on an etiquette rant about summer movie season. Having now re-watched it, I think it’s about as entertaining as I’ve ever been in the updates:

     It’s what people want in vlogging. Someone speaking passionately on a subject they’ve spent a lot of time thinking about. Even if it’s a subject to which the viewer devotes very little time, the enthusiasm pulls you in and gets you involved in something that you can tell is important to someone.

     That’s why Film Crit Hulk is such an awesome film reviewer. He passionately advocates for effective storytelling and can eloquently deliver super long tirades on style, technique, and structure that any film fan can relate to and root for. Whether you agree with him or not, you see his point. Someone in the comments of the last update linked a post of his also dedicated to camera movement, particularly the device of long takes. It’s just fantastic:


Thanks for reading.



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  1. donnapatjc@aol.com Says:

    This is simply outstanding. Loved it!

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