A Brush with the Master

Having fanboy’ed over the prospect of Wes Craven possibly watching …Jack in the last update, you can imagine my feelings when he released his top picks for the contest and we were on it. Not only that. He added personal comments and thoughts for each video on his list. I’d gotten an email from Studio 360 saying that we were on the list and as soon as I saw that he was commenting on everyone’s video I forced myself not to jump ahead to see what he said about us. I wanted to get a feel for what he was saying about everybody else and the tone of his comments, so that his commentary on …Jack would have a context among our competition. On each entry he would talk about what made it stand out, the good aspects, and what could be improved. When I got to us, I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t have asked for anything better:

…Jack  by Jake in Chicago, Illinois
It combined a tight narrative with excellent technical elements of action, camera movement, lighting and acting. Even the special EFX shot of the eye was well done and strong. My suspicion was that whoever made this was either professional, or should be.” –Wes Craven

Can you… Is that… From the guy who… Well, you can just imagine how loudly I sang along to the music on my drive home from work. Some might say I’m overreacting, but that is genuinely the greatest praise I’ve ever gotten from an industry insider, and I’ve been waiting for anything like it for 33 years. Okay, I guess I didn’t want to make movies on the day I was born, but I’ve been waiting for it for at least 23 years.

I wasn’t just spouting flattery in the update. Wes Craven is legitimately one of my favorite directors. Ever since I saw Scream in the movie theater in ’96. It was the first slasher movie I’d ever seen and it lit a fire under my love of horror movies that I’ve carried ever since. It was afterward that I got into his Nightmare stuff and I only recently saw the original Last House on the Left, which was flat-out crazy. Red Eye was awesome too. So, someone that I’ve looked up to for years watched something that I made, gave it a great review, and finished by saying that I should have a shot sitting at the grownups table. I went home, did some work on the episode, and kicked back watching Scream 4, my second favorite in the series. It was just one of the best days.

What a week, you guys. Just the best.

Here’s a link to Craven’s finalist picks: http://www.studio360.org/story/wes-cravens-favorite-scary-short-films-top-10/

Thanks for reading.


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