Hurting My Friends

I’m finally on the cusp of releasing that 30-second horror short. Finally! Releasing something in the horror genre. We shot it two nights ago and I spent a good portion of last night putting it together. Next week’s video update will lay out a bunch of the behind the scenes.

I don’t know why I have to complicate everything by finding the most difficult way to shoot something, but I sure seem to. The entire short is only three shots and we spent probably three or three-and-a-half hours setting up and shooting the first shot. A tracking shot and a series of focus pulls with precisely timed choreography. Plus, the whole shot is kicked off with poor Eliza trying to make a prop land on the ground in a specific way. We had about 30 false starts between the completed takes we did get.

During all that time, while Eliza was hanging a prop off of fishing wire wrapped around her fingers, my friends Carlyn and Shawn had to be crouched on their knees on a hard wood floor for hours, waiting for their signal to go. That’s why this post is called hurting my friends. Their knees got wrecked. Eliza’s circulation to her fingers kept getting cut off. Everybody was getting a little frustrated with the pain and precision by the time we called that shot good. Plus they were covered in fake blood. Gotta get covered in fake blood, right?

Anyway, everyone suffered through it and we’ve got a fun little short film that I hope to put up on my channel tomorrow. Then it’s back to piecing together PoPS. It’s been a fun couple weeks of diversions, but it’ll be good to make progress on episode 8 again.

Speaking of the diversion, here’s the video short I worked on for Craig, Clone Hard:

And here’s an extended, 42-minute interview I did with Harold Ramis for work a few years ago. He was wonderful to speak with:

Thanks for reading.



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