Maintaining an Internet Presence

In order to maintain a presence, the first thing you have to do is get a Ouija Board. Then you constantly interact with whatever “presence” currently resides in your house. Ask it difficult questions that engage it, such as “What is the meaning of existence?” or “What is the meaning of Existenz? (a Cronenberg movie)” or “Why do Republicans so desperately want everyone armed and pregnant?” Then, when you’ve got it just where you want it, hit it with an exorcism! After all, those in the know recommend daily exorcise for health and wellness. Wait. I mean an internet presence, not a spiritual manifestation.

When I asked everyone if the weekly updates were hurting the PoPS YouTube channel, I got a lot of opinions coming in. Of course, once again, you have to weigh it against the fact that most of the people responding are regular updates watchers: Generous in spirit, very attractive, and severely interesting. They’ll also suggest the continuance of the updates because they regularly watch them. But they also raised some great points.

I had gotten stuck in the repeating mental cycle of Those who don’t click on the updates lose me from their subscription feed. Couple things. Not entirely true. The YouTube algorithm is apparently more complicated than that. I heard from people who seek out and watch every single update and re-watch the episodes say that I don’t appear in their subscription boxes anymore. WHAT? SENSE? DOES? THAT MAKE? I heard from other people who don’t usually watch any of the updates that I am still a fixture of their subscription boxes. Okay? So I guess click-throughs aren’t a main contributing factor.

It was also brought to my attention that having a channel that’s pretty much dormant for seven or eight months out of the year is probably not a great way to stay in subscription boxes or in the hearts and minds of our audience. Surprisingly, this had to be pointed out to me. That had not crossed my mind at all.

I initially started the updates, as Craig suggested, to maintain a constant presence on YouTube. The best way to not lose subscribers is to keep the channel active every week. The updates viewers seem to agree that it makes waiting for the episodes take less time. They feel engaged during the downtime. That’s highly valuable. I heard from people who don’t watch the episodes, they just watch the updates. Thankfully, I also heard from people who don’t want to watch the updates, but really love the episodes. The weekly updates are one of the reasons that The Collective asked us to become a partner. We keep an always-active channel.

Sometimes I get all hyped up about something and think I need to change something that’s already working. The updates do what they’ve always done. They do what they’re supposed to do. Why do I need to change that? I’ll just implement Craig’s initial suggestion and remove the numbers from them.

Thanks for reading, guys.



2 Responses to “Maintaining an Internet Presence”

  1. Hey, nice writing, man. I like how you came to this revelation, cause I only got to read a few comments before going back to work lol. But uhh, as a fan, I’d like to lay something on you, or rather show you something:


    Might be a beneficial experience, eh? Maybe? lol 🙂

  2. Glad to hear that the updates continue 😀

    I know the feeling all too well, sometimes I can get so caught up in my own thoughts, that when someone wrenches me from my thoughts, I feel so stupid for not seeing the seemingly obvious. (Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean that the answer your question was obvious.) On the other hand I generally feel glad that I overthink rather than to underthink.

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