The Curse of Episode 8

Well, we…are…cursed. Not really. I don’t even feel upset about it anymore. This latest setback just felt like another drop in the bucket. I didn’t feel put out by it for even a second. As I said in the last update, we had 6 shoot days left for episode 8 in January. The first three of those were scheduled for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday of this week. Tuesday afternoon I got a call from one of my actors. Over her winter travels, the poor girl got pneumonia. PNEUMONIA! Now our schedule isn’t getting raked across the coals by rain outs, snow storms, or sudden work conflicts. Serious illness! Poor girl. Hopefully I’ll be able to line up those 3 days for the last week of January. It’s been a rough one this time.

The sudden appearance of 3 free evenings has not gone to waste though. The first night I spent a few more hours editing the cold open of episode 8. I have a pretty solid rough cut of it put together. I need to find the right music before it really works though. It’s really nice to see it coming together. I say that all the time. It’s always true. I also did an interview with a dude for a review blog called Snobby Robot.

The time we would have spent shooting on Wednesday night, we went to the gym to try and whip ourselves into better shape. 2014-No resolutions, just results. That’s not something we say. I just thought it sounded good. Maybe we will start saying it.

Tonight, Thursday night, I’m going to do as much editing on the episode as I can stand.

When we would have been shooting on Friday night, Eliza and I are actually considering going out on a date! It’s been ages since I’ve had the AMAZING black bean tostadas at our favorite vegetarian restaurant. That sounds like fun. Delicious fun.

Sunday, we have a full shoot day again. Finally. Unless somebody gets cholera or something.

On an unrelated note, as part of my real job at the magazine, I review movies every Friday. Anyone who’s watched the video update already knows of this, but I thought I’d link to my Top Ten Movies of 2013. I did a separate list directly on the blog last year, but there’s no movies like Cabin in the Woods this year that I can’t include on the work list.

Jake’s Top Ten Movies of 2013

Thanks for reading.


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