The Days Off

Drive, ambition, web, DIY, stick-to-it’iveness, internet, upload, blah, blah, stuff. I know what I usually sound like on here. Every week I talk about our web series and my experiences making it, finishing it, and interacting with our audience. But every year we hit this period of quiet. For productivity, at least. I know the holidays have plenty of hustle and bustle associated with them, which usually keeps them from being thought of as a period of quiet. But, much like at work, when no one picks up their phone between Christmas and New Years, I hit a few days where I don’t feel like doing anything productive. It’s awesome.

Christmas is filled up with family stuff and traditions, so that’s out the window for laziness. You still have to be out, moving around, balancing expectations, and meeting deadlines. It’s good times, but doesn’t feel anything like a vacation. Luckily, a mere week later, up pops another couple days of not working.

This year, Eliza and I really made the most of it. The night of the 30th, we went to the gym, had dinner out, and played Portal 2 all night. What a cool game.

Then, aside from a trip to the store and a dinner with my folks, we stayed in our apartment while it snowed for two days and watched every Harry Potter movie in a row. It was the greatest. I’ve mentioned my affection for movie marathons before. It is the least active way to achieve a difficult sounding goal. Watching 8 movies that are each about 2 and a half hours long? Done. We did it. We are hardcore movie marathoners.

Then I have to ask myself, would I appreciate these quiet days as much if I didn’t typically spend so much time working on the show? Are they intrinsically great or comparatively great? It’s tough to know. When I didn’t have one big project pulling at my attention, I watch A LOT more movies on a regular basis. Hell, that didn’t change until I started doing the weekly updates. Once the updates started I better understood the energy of an audience and the snails pace at which I produce content. I’ve come to terms with the pace and feeling like I need to be rushing more, but I still try to dedicate much more time to it than I used to.

All of this aside, I guess all I’m trying to say is that I love days off. And Harry Potter. Harry Potter is the best. Having sat down and watched them all in a row, my new Potter ranking is: 5, 6, 3, 7 pt1, 2, 4, 7 pt2, and 1. Although the one I’m constantly most drawn to watch is 7 pt1.

Thanks for reading.



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