It’s So Much Easier to say “No”; part 2

Let’s continue exploring the wonders of the people who say “Yes.” This week, instead of the folks who willingly open their doors to the whirlwind that is production, let’s take a look at an even bigger miracle: The people who continually show up to crew. I say continually because anyone can show up to crew once. It takes someone special to show up after that first time once they realize the big three:

  1. Production is unbelievably boring for sound guys, grips, and general crew.

  2. They’re not making any money.

  3. The people they’ve seen on the internet are just regular people and unlike all the fun clips they’ve seen of us making the show, see figure 1.

We’ve had a number of folks contact us and volunteer to help out over the years. I have taken people up on it on occasion. They do it once or twice, but soon after, I find that they become too busy to help out anymore. Somehow their schedule just filled up. Once that happens, I just cross them off the list and just do what we need to do to get the show done. I understand that it’s not always a matter of people losing interest, schedules do have a way of filling up. People have to work at their jobs, for example, or they have school. But there are also just a ton of things that are more fun than sitting around on a set. Going to concerts, reading books, playing video games, watching movies. These are all things that are more fun to look at while not making any money. So if someone you’ve only met a handful of times sends you a message that essentially says—Hey, I was wondering if you’d want to come over and be kind of bored tonight. It’s plenty easy to think—Yeah. I could do that or…I was planning on having a night to take it easy for two seconds instead of filling up my every waking minute. I don’t think it’s an incredibly difficult decision once you reach that juncture. Once they’ve “gotten busy” I usually don’t bother them any more. Production is hard enough without feeling like people don’t want to be around.

But we’ve had an incredible group of folks helping us out over the years. For awhile, the core was Ryan, Eliza, David, Chris, and Tim. Things are a little spottier now. People’s schedules are harder and the crew of episode 8 has been a patchwork of folks. We’ve even had to substitute out a different DP twice so far, and it’s looking like there will be more of that to come. I appreciate that after almost five years on the same show, this thing is old hat to most of them, so I’m grateful they give it as much time as they do. I just hope we can keep them around for two more episodes as well.

Thanks for reading.


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