The Scene That Would Not Be Shot

The title of this post is in regards to our one remaining exterior shoot for episode 8. This sucker will NOT get shot. The first night it was scheduled for it started raining a couple hours before the shoot. We called it off. It was re-scheduled for last night. The forecast said a few showers on and off throughout the night, so I called everybody in. I assembled the crane, we got a light out, it was drizzling but manageable. As soon as everyone was present and accounted for, it started raining in earnest. We hung out for about 15 minutes to see if it was going to let up. It only rained harder. We called it off and headed to an Irish pub for some food, where we discussed the definition and obligation of art. No joke. We’re super intellectual over here. We also berated a new volunteer crew member for not having seen Gremlins. We’re supposed to try and shoot it tonight but the forecast shows rain for only the hours we’re planning on shooting. Yep. The Scene That Would Not Be Shot: a thrilling adventure in at least three reschedulings.

We did have a shoot day this last week though.

Day 13-Sunday, November 17. Cruised down to the city for a 10:30 a.m. call time. Shot a one page scene in an hour. Headed to another location for a 2/8 of a page scene. Shot it in 10 minutes. That wrapped our exteriors for the day. Headed indoors and the skies opened up. Deluge! No joke. Flash flooding and tornado warnings. We shot our interior scene while thunder rumbled underneath the dialogue and wrapped before 2:30 p.m. Boom. It felt like another grab bag day.

As for the last video update, it’s been wonderful to be bombarded by people’s insecurities as well as their vocal support for the show we make. Many express worry that they’re wasting their time with the thing they create. It feels like no one will ever see, read, hear, or experience it. It feels like they lose passion for a project halfway through and start something new, leaving a series of half-realized visions in their wake. It feels like they’re wasting their time on other things—a pointless job, procrastination—squandering the valuable time they could be using to work toward something they’re passionate about. Also, a few of my friends have expressed it in person. Is their creation of any value? Are they wasting their time? I guess it’s just one of the costs of creation. Never feeling totally fulfilled or satisfied with what you’ve created. I guess that’s why we move forward and make the next thing. To try and get a little closer to perfect. Learn from that. Then try and get even closer next time. It’s all we can do. The hardest step for a lot of folks is the finishing. You can’t actually see something for what it is until it’s finished and in the rearview mirror. As the creator of it, sometimes you can’t see it objectively for years. If ever. But you won’t know unless you see it through.

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2 Responses to “The Scene That Would Not Be Shot”

  1. Creation is never a waste of time. Even if no one else is ever fully aware of what has been created. The act of creation puts poisitive energy into the universe. Positive energy into this planet. Let’s face it, this planet Earth can be a cold, cruel, negative place to live. So create on, PoPStarts all!

  2. Says:

    The act of creation is valuable…period. Even if no else ever knows what you have done. Creation puts positive energy into the world. And don’t we need more of that? This Earth of ours can be very cruel, very negative. But by creating (writing, sculpting, painting, making music, etc…) we can battle back against the negative for just a moment. Create on, PoPStarts!

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