PoPS video update 181-Heart to Heart

One Response to “PoPS video update 181-Heart to Heart”

  1. Well, recently I graduated college, and I haven’t been very driven to search for a job. I knew going out that I didn’t have much of a passion for what I majored in anymore, but I finished anyway because I’m from a poor family and was lucky to get a degree with minimal debt. What I really want to do now is act, and maybe direct and/or write, whether it be for film/TV or on YouTube. My parents don’t really understand my love of YouTube because they think it’s a waste of time, and they don’t think acting is a viable career choice because there’s so much competition and risk behind it, so I haven’t told them about my dreams. I don’t know if I ever could without there being some conflict. I know that I could start making YouTube videos at home right now, but right now I don’t have money for a good (but moderately cheap) handheld video camera, and my webcam is a piece of crap. Right now the plan is to find whatever job I can (maybe with help from my degree), save some money, and move to a larger city where doing what I want for a living is not that weird. One of the major cities near me is becoming a hot spot for Hollywood productions, so maybe I’ll go there. Life is just rough right now for me.

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