I’ve been hitting the laptop hard this week, trying to whittle away at episode 8. The first draft is coming out pretty long, so I’ll have to see what people make of it when I have a finished draft. I just need to get it done so that we can move into production before it gets too cold. Aside from it being long, the script also includes some really funny scenes. It’s one of the things that I get nervous about before I sit down to write an episode of PoPS. “What if I can’t think of anything funny?” But if I just get the characters talking to each other and try to keep them true to themselves, everything seems to shake out just fine.

As I’ve been dashing headlong into the writing process, we’ve also had a few podcast appearances creep up. It falls directly into one of the primary paradoxes of making no-budget internet content. In order to make stuff, you have to sit down and dedicate the time to it. In order for people to know about your stuff you make, you have to find ways to push it out there and promote it. There’s only so much time in the day. There’s even less time in a weekday after work. So you have to try to balance the two halves. I’ve always been better about the making stuff than I have been about the promoting stuff. I keep our YouTube channel active with updates, I maintain the PoPS Facebook page, and I submit to festivals, but that’s about it. The only other promoting I do is when people ask me to be on their podcasts. It’s great. It’s basically talking about cool stuff for an hour. Sometimes the cool stuff we talk about is directly about our show, sometimes we just talk about the cool, geeky stuff we like.

This is us on the Super Geeked Up podcast, which uses the Google Hangout format. This one was less about the show and more about our opinions on pop culture and super hero mythologys. It was a lot of fun, and the first time the whole PoPS main cast has been on a podcast together.

Thanks for reading, guys.


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