Determining Internet Worth

You know why the studio system entertainment industry is fantastic? Other than the incredibly large canvas they tend to work with and the theatrically large brush made out of money that they paint with. Division of labor, man. People who know about making money handle the money, people who know about making hype make hype, and people who know about telling stories tell stories. That’s the design at least. Sometimes the money people try to tell stories and they look like Disney-animatronic versions of stories. They look pretty solid from a distance, but they’re really stiff and devoid of any true personality. Sometimes hype’rs can gather some dough and spin an interesting tale, so they’re positioned pretty well for a life filled with creatively satisfying money raking. But their entire gig centers on the perception of masses. Trying to influence, shift, or predict mob mentality is like blindfolding yourself before trying to drive somewhere you’ve never been. Without GPS. It might be a little exciting, but the odds are severely stacked against you. Sounds stressful. Watching the story guys try to make money or hype though is pretty sad. That’s worse than trying to teach a one-trick pony a new trick. That’s like setting a one-trick pony on fire and locking it in a room with a fire extinguisher. It’s seen it before, it knows the principles involved, but IT’S GOT NO THUMBS!! It’s just gonna kick the fire extinguisher around the room while it burns.

I’m burning, man. And I just keep kicking that fire extinguisher. Some internet-folk are really good at juggling money, hype, and the work. They extinguish the fire, learn how to work the doorknob in the room, and start touring the world as a 3-to-5-trick pony while the rest of us burn. And even though the internet can be a frustrating locked room for us to slowly char in, at least it has a very large window so we can tap dance for a worldwide audience and burn in style.

Slight subject shift, I know I’ve talked about what makes internet content worthwhile before, a funny make-up tutorial will get millions of views versus our effects-driven web series getting a few thousand. It’s easy for your perspective to get warped by internet numbers and start thinking the thing you love and work so hard on isn’t as worthwhile as a 45-second video of a kitten falling asleep. Some of you may be familiar with a young internet pioneer named Charlie McDonnell. He’s a British YouTube sensation, and his latest video is about just that.

The internet is a weird place to spend a significant amount of time. Things are easy to come by but really hard to hang onto. Perspective is one of those things.

Thanks for reading, guys.


2 Responses to “Determining Internet Worth”

  1. Says:

    Gosh, I hope you don’t get too discouraged now because this series is phenomenal and I am hanging on by my fingernails for Episodes 8, 9 & 10. Keep up the amazing work PoPS Team!!

  2. Same here, keep it up! 🙂

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