Vidcon 2013

The video below is our step-by-step jaunt through Vidcon last week.Vidcon was a lot of fun. We saw a lot of people and discovered some awesome new ones. I heard some of the people who had been there previous years voicing concerns that at 12,000 attendees, the conference had gotten too big and impersonal. That wasn’t my experience at all. Everyone was so friendly and accommodating. I think they were talking primarily about having less one-on-one time with the bigger YouTube personalities, but even then there are opportunities through panels, signings, and main stage performances to at least get brief face time. It might not be the best environment for in-depth conversations, but those are pretty rare anyway when you meet someone for the first time. Having said that, we had the opportunity to speak at length with a few people and it was outstanding. Most of my longer interactions included some version of this, “Why don’t you have more views? You should market yourself better,” or “Why don’t you get your show on TV, you should talk to the TV people.” Those things always make me realize that I’m seriously handicapped in the promotion, marketing, and business side of this new media thing, and it makes me feel like I’m being crushed and like it’s hard to breathe. So that’s probably a good thing. Then I stop thinking about the entire world of online video, the money raising, and the self-promotion, and just narrow my focus back to telling our one little story.

So, yeah. Vidcon was fun, but did nothing to assuage my promotional anxiety. It just helped me realign my priorities again as I realized that we’ll always be a little channel. But as long as I keep focused on the storytelling, we’ll be a happy little channel.

Thanks for reading and watching, guys.


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