Screening, Planning for Release, and Promo Packs

The cast and crew screening is always so great. I’ve lost all perspective on an episode by that point, so getting to hear a group of people react to it is really helpful and satisfying. It goes without saying that I’m also wired and nervous. That first showing is so nauseating and exhilarating at the same time. Everyone seemed to really enjoy episode 7 and after a few tweaks, we’re ready to go up on Sunday.

I spent last night making a new end screen for each of the PoPS videos that will have links for subscribing, going to our YT channel, and linking to the first part of episode 7 and the subsequent part. Eliza spent last night making a new Photoshop template for our video thumbnails. It has the PoPS logo, as well as a prominent episode and part number. Super stylized and cool looking. We’re finally trying to get caught up on all the cool branding and things we should have been doing for awhile. Just more things we’re launching on Sunday with the episode.

Another new experience has been getting a few promo packs together for this episode. My contact at The Collective asked me to get them some PoPS t-shirts and DVDs of the episode so they can reach out to reviewers both YouTube and geek-space based. So I rushed a DVD together and I had them duplicated professionally. A few details have changed on the episode since that burn, nothing too major, and the episode 7 DVD that our Indiegogo donors will be getting also has a live Q&A that we did at a screening event, another feature the promo burn didn’t have. What I learned was that you need to leave more time for everything than anyone quotes you. Having never done this before, I had no frame of reference. The t-shirts finally shipped five days after I placed the order and the DVD duplication went from a 3-day turnaround to a 6-day turnaround. Bottom line, The Collective will be sending out the promo packs after we’re already live on YouTube. Not ideal, but now I know for next time.

Thanks for reading, guys. I hope you enjoy episode 7 on Sunday.


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