VFX Tutorials-The Wit and Wisdom of Andrew Kramer

As I said in the last update, the untrained VFX-jockey relies on internet tutorials like HBO relies on nudity and violence. You’re just not going to get any traction without them. When it comes to the absolute height of VFX tutelage, you just need to go looking for one man–the prophet of AE, the wizard of 3ds Max, the soothsayer of specialty, short-cut plug-ins, the voice of videocopilot.net–Andrew Kramer.

Not only does Andrew Kramer know how to pace a tutorial for maximum clarity and speed, but he also makes it entertaining. He thinks he’s funny. He makes ridiculous little ad-libbed asides in the middle of his tutorials where you can tell that he thinks he’s being hilarious. And so help me…he is. The PoPS VFX Coordinator, Ryan, and I talk about it all the time. We trade Andrew Kramer throw-away lines constantly during post. His introduction to this tutorial is an excellent example. Just the first 15 seconds:

Amazing. Andrew Kramer. How can you not love this guy? He gives you tons of valuable information and he entertains you. Plus, he does the main title sequences for Fringe, Star Trek, and Super 8. How cool is that? Too cool. And you can clearly see that this is the tutorial I used to create the Cinematic Study Guide title card in the first 10 seconds here:

If you’re looking to create some kind of visual effect in After Effects, odds are on you can adapt one of the videocopilot.net tutorials into what you need. Good grief, that sounded like a paid recommendation. Seriously though. PoPS started looking good when we started listening to the wit and wisdom of Andrew Kramer.

Thanks for reading.


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