Camera Phone Clean Up 2013

The only really good community-oriented YouTube idea I ever came up with is the Camera Phone Clean Up. Every spring–’cause that’s the time for spring-cleaning–it’s time to purge the camera-on-our-hip of video clips and find out what we thought was worth documenting within the last 12 months. The advent of high quality camera phones has obviously lead to more people shooting video then ever before, but it also serves as a very personal statement of what draws your interest. According to my camera phone contents as seen in the update’s montage, for me that consists mostly of my wife, quirky things we come across, dramatic landscapes, fun with friends, and, I guess, squirrels–which I think just indicates how much time I spend looking out windows.

Then I ask everybody in the community to do the same. Either edit it together or choose their favorite clip they find in their phone and post it as a video response. I get a bunch of great stuff and post a few of my favorites here. Side note: I’m biased toward the first clip in particular. It’s my wife’s first YouTube upload and features our cat, my sister, and her husband. Onto the camera phone clips:

Thanks for reading and participating this year.


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