Okay. The next logical step in crowd sourcing appeared a couple days ago and it makes perfect, beautiful sense. As artists back in the day had patrons who sponsored their ongoing work, so appears the website Patreon.

This dude Jack Conte is an awesome YouTube musician. He built his audience around a format called video songs. He would perform all the parts while recording it on video and create big collage-type videos where you’d watch him actually create the song. The difference between this and a music video is that these are actually clips of the actual parts being recorded. His covers are amazing. I first came across him because of his Aphex Twin/Bright Eyes mashup:

Then a couple months ago he uploaded a couple new videos with a completely new sound, style, and format. It was clear he had a few cameras and was doing these videos in one uninterrupted take that he would just edit together, but it was essentially a live performance. It was awesome. Then his machine announced a new project. (Warning. This Thrift Shop remix has a TON of F-bombs. But the video itself is amazing.):

The music video he announced at the end went live two days ago. It’s for an original song. The song is great, the video is amazing, and the robots and sets and everything are all practical. At the end, an exhausted and apparently mildly nervous Conte announces Patreon: a site where people can pledge a certain amount of money to Conte’s videos PER VIDEO. Every time he uploads a video, someone who’s pledged 5 bucks has 5 bucks deducted from their account and deposited into his. It’s a way he’s going to sustain his musician/video creator lifestyle sustained simply by the small ongoing donations of hundreds or thousands of his core supporters. It’s ideal for the musician or the short video creator. They make lots of little things instead of one big thing. It brilliant. And people can create their own Patreon pages for their projects on the site. Simply awesome. Here’s the video and a link to his Patreon page where he explains the whole concept himself:

Thanks for reading, guys.


One Response to “Patreon”

  1. oh, whoa! interesting… i’ll be interested to see how that pans out in the long term. totes ❤ his work, though!

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