Chipping Away

I’m still working on VFX. At the end of this week’s Cinematic Study Guide I said I had 20 VFX shots completed. Someone in the comments justifiably asked, “Out of how many total?” I hadn’t taken the time to add them up yet, mostly because it was a matter of going through exported layers and figuring out how many were going to go into each shot. Basically, I’m just saying it wasn’t as simple as counting. So I took a few minutes and added it up. 56 VFX shots total. Since last weekend I’ve gotten a few more done and now have 25 complete. 31 left to go and then we’ll dive into ADR, music, sound effects, and color correction. Not a lot of fascinating stuff going on right now. Just chipping away at what needs doing.

This weekend is the Sci-Fi Spectacular. 24 hours of awesome sci-fi/fantasy/horror flicks. I’m going to try and make it for all 24 hours. I’ll let you know how it goes.

In other news, it’s my lovely wife’s birthday today. If you want to check in with her, visit her knitting/fashion/decorating blog at She’s a much more frequent and better blogger than myself.

Thanks for reading.



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