Forget the Numbers

Starting next week, the video updates are going to turn into a movie review-type show for a few weeks. The whole idea is to see if I can do a vlog that doesn’t have anything to do with our web series. A channel that would stand on its own. The thing is, much like the audience for our updates, my channel is going to be geared toward a very specific type of person. The straight-up movie fan. People who are into movies and the people who make movies, older movies, and somewhat forgotten or under the radar movies that I will introduce week by week. I’m not talking about classics, I’m talking about flicks from the 80s and 90s made by folks who are still very central to the industry. Sometimes other movies that precede the new releases we’re seeing today. In a landscape of remakes, reboots, and sequels, that’s not a very tall order. We’ll see if anybody is into it. It’s the kind of thing I’d like to watch.

My subscription and view numbers are plummeting again on YouTube. The view number thing makes sense. Not everyone is going to be interested in the updates and that’s what the channel mostly consists of. As for the channel subscribership taking off, it’s been four months without any actual episode uploads. It’s about the time when people just start unsubbing. Knowing that it’s par for the course doesn’t stop the nagging feeling at the corner of my consciousness though. Any time the numbers are dropping its like there’s a blinking red light just at the edge of my peripheral vision, intermittently distracting me throughout the day. I was saying to Eliza about a week ago, once you start thinking about the numbers on the internet…the number of viewers and the number of potential viewers, what’s getting eyes and what’s not, how do you find more viewers when you can’t produce the kind of content you’re interested in at a faster pace, how do you find money to pay people–once all of these things start swirling around in your head, it can get a little depressing. The internet is a big place, it’s easy to get lost. Once you fully dive into something of that scale there is absolutely no sense of rational perspective. It’s bigger than you can conceive of and there’s no way to control any of it. Having projects at work or plans with Lize remind me that there’s a very manageable, very fulfilling, physical world around me. The internet is always trying to get me to forget that. It only wants me to think about the numbers. It’s just wants me in the YouTube hatch pushing that upload button. That’s a LOST reference, I promise I’m not crazy.

One more thing! I found an independent video store a 30-minute drive from my house! It was wonderful to walk in there and see all the cases lined up, tempting me with there awesome cover art and synopses. It sounds kind of ridiculous but I’m going to get a membership.

Thanks for reading, guys.



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