YouTube Playlists

So, I finally did it. Someone asked me to do this forever ago, but I never saw the benefit of it. YouTube has a functionality where you make playlists of videos. People use it to break their content into subgenres, categories, best-of lists, just demarking a group of videos so that it’s more easily findable for folks who want more of the same. People who use YouTube more from the watchers side of things use playlists to group together some of their favorite videos.

A long time ago a very vocal member of the PoPS audience asked me to make a playlist of every episode part in one long playlist. I never wanted to, because the playlist functionality wasn’t necessarily user friendly to non-YouTube natives. And it’s entirely possible that I also didn’t want to put that old, crummy episode 1 in the same long list with the new and improved episodes. So instead of doing as they asked, I made each episode into an individual playlist on our channel. Since YouTube did the channel and functionality redesign, however, playlist videos pop up as a list inside the small-sized viewer right on the YouTube page. It makes everything so easy to find. So I made one long 37-video playlist with every episode part. I’ve redirected all of my episode links to that playlist and it’s easier than ever for people who happen upon the show to access any episode or part if they want to keep watching. This is one of the most useful tools for content creators that YouTube has introduced yet. Check it out:

Link to the YouTube PoPS playlist. The list appears in the viewer if you’re using the small size.

Thanks for reading, y’all.



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